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I'm an excellent fighter.

Star Wars: The Old Republic outlines the ranked rewards for Season 12 PvP

Another ranked PvP season in Star Wars: The Old Republic is drawing to a close, with Season 12 slated to end at some point this...

Hearthstone gets wild and woolly this month

It's hard to keep track of what year it is in Blizzard's different games, but this much we do know: Hearthstone is kicking off...

Hearthstone is planning a huge overhaul for ranked play plus balance nerfs

Have you been annoyed with Hearthstone's ranked play for a reaaaallly long time? Good news: A big change-up is on the way. Over the...
Storming of the hero.

Heroes of the Storm extends its first ranked season until September 13th

Do you feel an icy hand on your back as you play a match of Heroes of the Storm? If so, there are two...
Rank 17! I am SO important to the world!

Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan on Overwatch’s ranked play philosophy

If you were hoping that the latest development video for Overwatch from game director Jeff Kaplan would reveal the ins and outs of the...

Heroes of the Storm to downsize ranked match party size

The size of parties queuing for Heroes of the Storm's ranked play will be downsized come the next patch, Blizzard has announced. A short post on...
Well, points for effort.

League of Legends disables Ranked play due to a wide-ranging bug

Risk and reward are both important elements of playing League of Legends. If Riot released a new champion who could just instantly teleport back...
Infinite Crisis

Ranked play is coming to Infinite Crisis on May 8

Think you're good at Infinite Crisis? You'll have a chance to prove it on May 8th when Turbine unveils ranked play for its DC...