Sea of Thieves weekly dev update addresses Forsaken Shores delay

Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate is back for another weekly developer update, and this time it's all about -- you guessed it...

Sea of Thieves delays Forsaken Shores update until September 27th

Earlier this week, Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate issued an update to keep fans apprised of Rare's progress on development of the...

Sea of Thieves progress update warns of possible Forsaken Shores delay

As the projected release of Sea of Thieves's latest major content update, Forsaken Shores, creeps ever closer, Executive Producer Joe Neate has taken the...

Sea of Thieves developer update video talks Forsaken Shores and Bilge Rat Adventures

Although Sea of Thieves players may be somewhat disappointed that they won't be receiving a game update this week, the folks over at Rare...
Splash, ah-ah

Sea of Thieves rolling out bug-fixes for Athena Voyages and banana-eating pigs

The salty dogs at Rare took to Twitter today to announce that the dev team is still hard at work implementing fixes for various...
Really, it's the occupants beneath the sails who are cursed.

Sea of Thieves expands times and locations for Cursed Sails with its latest patch

The latest update for Sea of Thieves is all about giving players more time. If you have only a limited amount of time to...
Ocean of Brigands

Sea of Thieves’ devs have realized that community comes from not constantly fighting each other

Hey, kids, did you know that players feel more like a community when they're working together rather than constantly fighting one another? Of course...
Ocean of Brigands

Sea of Thieves assures players they have more time to earn the Shark Hunter ship set

It turns out when players think they're about to lose access to something, they get rather twitchy about making sure to get it. The...
It's below.

Sea of Thieves teases its first content update, The Hungering Deep

It's funny how we assume that there are monsters in the water. Sure, there are definitely big things down there, and some unusual things,...
Smell bads.

Sea of Thieves adds new outfits and a special gun for a month of play

After a month at sea, one can imagine your character in Sea of Thieves is more than ready to stop in to port. But...

Impressions of Sea of Thieves, one month in: Deep-diving retro world PvP

It's really hard for me to not to gush hard about Sea of Thieves. I know many out there won't agree, and it's easy to say why,...

Sea of Thieves abandons its planned death tax, focuses on griefing

Don't worry, death-prone pirates: You won't have to pay the piper more than once when you go down to Davy Jones' locker. Some players raised...
Shut up woman, get on my boat.

Sea of Thieves says 5000 people logging in per minute – 1M users total – are why the servers are struggling

No MMORPG player will be surprised to hear that Sea of Thieves' biggest problem right now is that too many people are wanting to...

Sea of Thieves servers buckle and break under a surge of would-be pirates

Whether you are personally playing it or not, there are a lot of ambitious pirates trying to cram their way into Sea of Thieves...
Great! Roll some dice to see if I'm getting drunk.

Sea of Thieves may have microtransactions, but it will never have lootboxes

In Sea of Thieves, your character is a pirate roaming the high seas for boxes of treasure, but in real life you won't need...

Sea of Thieves datamining hints at another faction and an open beta

The beta client for Sea of Thieves has been updated once again, but don't get your hopes up about playing it right way, as...

Sea of Thieves fans decipher a fix for a common beta error… if you don’t mind getting a refund and rebuying

The seas of closed beta be choppy ones for the stoutest ship to navigate, but many captains who seek the blue in Sea of...

Sea of Thieves talks up its quintessential pirateness in a new top 10 video

Rare has a new Sea of Thieves video out this week that is a listicle... a listavid? I don't know. It's a video that...

E3 2017: Hands-on with Sea of Thieves’ multiplayer ship crewing

As I mentioned in MassivelyOP's Best of E3 Overthinking article, I came away from this year's con thinking Sea of Thieves was the best playable...

Sea of Thieves begins first PC tech alpha this weekend

Alpha is beginning for Rare's pirate-themed sailing MMO Sea of Thieves -- technical alpha, that is, for a thousand lucky Windows 10 players. "Starting this...