Make My MMO: Kickstarter’s RAW deal, Star Citizen’s alpha 3.6 is live

This week in MMO crowdfunding was not a good week for MMO crowdfunding, thanks to RAW, whose Kickstarter campaign was actually canceled by Kickstarter...

Kickstarter canceled the campaign for MMORPG RAW just a day before it funded

Tomorrow was supposed to be a big day for Killerwhale Games' MMO RAW as it concluded its Kickstarter campaign - in fact, we had...

Make My MMO: Albion Online’s Percival, Dual Universe’s alpha 2, and Elite’s next big thing

It was an oddly quiet week for crowdfunded MMOs, probably owing to the short holiday week prior, but the news we did get was...
We all live a yellow... er, spaceship.

Make My MMO: Ship of Heroes’ auction hall looks good, RAW’s Kickstarter progresses

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Ship of Heroes dropped a new video showing off both its night effects and the current functionality of its...

Make My MMO: Shroud of the Avatar’s R67, Destiny’s Sword’s successful Kickstarter

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Shroud of the Avatar released its 67th update. In the release instructions, the devs note the update was intended...
We do things for you! This is a thing.

Betawatch: Star Citizen might be opening up full persistence with alpha 3.6

It feels weird when Star Citizen is selling you something that actually exists, huh? But the title is hard at work selling you tickets...

MMO sim RAW lets you live out your fantasy of being a convenience store clerk, seeks Kickstarter funding

Have you ever wished that you could spend your days slinging cigarettes over a counter? Or market used cars to gullible customers? Or grow...