Red Dead Online opens up two new legendary coyotes for players to hunt

Inside of you there are two wolves. Inside of Red Dead Online there are two legendary coyotes. What you should do is get...

Red Dead Online’s new Naturalist role has also re-introduced extremely hungry predators

The recently added Naturalist role appears to be turning in to a monkey's paw wish for Red Dead Online players that were...

Light some fires in Red Dead Online’s newest Showdown mode, Sport of Kings

Prepare to ride like royalty, Red Dead Online players; the game's latest update brings a new Showdown game mode, Sport of Kings, which...

Rockstar restricts Red Dead Online’s poker minigame due to regional gambling laws

Last week, Rockstar gave Red Dead Online players the opportunity to settle down with some friendly games of poker, but it would...

Red Dead Online is giving you 100 RDO bucks and adding some new fashion

The ever-important decision of what to wear when you're ruthlessly gunning folks down or trying to do a spot of bungee jumping in...

Red Dead Online is blowing up with its new showdown mode, Up in Smoke

Coming hot off the heels of last month's Spoils of War and Target Race game modes is a brand-new showdown game mode...

Saddle up and take aim in Red Dead Online’s new Target Races

Cowladies and cowgentlemen, start your, uhh, horses! The latest activity to hit Red Dead Online's quote-unquote beta is Target Racing, which combines equestrianism,...

Red Dead Online puts a wild-west twist on capture the flag with its new Spoils of War game mode

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned showdown, and the folks at Rockstar know it, which is why they've just expanded Red Dead...

Red Dead Online’s latest update adds daily challenges, new events, and more

The first major batch of updates has come to the Red Dead Online beta, bringing with it new gameplay features, weapons, clothing, and...

Red Dead Online’s next beta update will make life a little more difficult for outlaws

The wild west is about to get just a little bit wilder with the introduction of bounty hunters, posse-wide parleys and feuds, and changes...

Red Dead Online will mosey on out later this week

Saddle up, cowpokes: The folks at Rockstar Games have announced that Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, will...

Red Dead Redemption 2 showcases wildlife, highlights horse-taming, hunting, and fishing

The official Red Dead Redemption 2 Twitter has been abuzz this week with a series of tweets showcasing the natural fauna of RDR2's...