City of Heroes Rebirth server tweaks various rewards and adds new powersets in its latest update

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City of Heroes’ Rebirth server adds new Guardian archetype and powersets with first Issue

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Rebirth Online makes its early access arrival to Steam

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Rebirth Online comes this month following its mobile predecessor

We'd be very impressed with you if you were able to remember that a year-and-a-half ago, in the Before Times, there was a mobile...

City of Heroes: Community harassment ramps up as Homecoming counts 91,000 players

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Mobile MMORPG Rebirth M launches in North America after aborted Kickstarter

Live today for iOS and Android is another new free-to-play mobile MMO, this one Caret Games' RebirthM. The game's been playable in Brazil since last...

Linkrealms reboots as an open PvP server

As the name of the brand-new Phoenix server implies, Linkrealms is rising from the ashes of oblivion to deliver a fresh experience for players. Linkrealms,...