red dead online

Not pictured: condor, bounty.

Red Dead Online offers a new legendary bounty for the Owlhoot family

It's time to hunt yourself a new bounty in Red Dead Online with the addition of the legendary Owlhoot family. This group of...
There's just more soup.

Red Dead Redemption players gather together to walk across the map with soup

If one of your friends was claiming that they couldn't help you in Red Dead Online on account of being "at soup," it...
Nothing really changes.

Rockstar is apparently ‘100% focused’ on Red Dead Online rather than single-player DLC

As players who prefer PC games wait patiently for Red Dead Redemption 2 to arrive on their preferred platform, the players who already...

Rumor: Yes, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still probably coming to PC

File this one under rumors that have been kicking around so long it's kind of amazing anyone still cares: There's another clue that

Rockstar offers game launcher freebies, Red Dead Online adds legendary bounties and… zombies?

You know what you need? Another games launcher rattling around your harddrive! Yeah, no you don't, but Rockstar has launched one anyway. "The Rockstar...

Red Dead Online now lets you be a trader, collector, or bounty hunter with the latest update

It's always good to expand your horizons. You might be all about the rootin', tootin', shootin', and lootin' in Red Dead Online, but...
There's just more soup.

Red Dead Online is launching three new roles in next week’s Frontier Pursuits

Is Red Dead Online ever gonna launch that promised summer update? Turns out that yes it is. It's next week, and it's still...

Red Dead Online adds bonuses to missions, GTA Online gives away freebies for its Diamond Casino launch

The online multiplayer games of Rockstar have some things going on, so we'll go ahead and bundle both Grand Theft Auto Online and...
Nothing really changes.

Red Dead Online teases new roles as watchdog group questions Rockstar’s tax history

Red Dead Online has been a bit of a non-entity this year, contrary to our hopes anyway. The MMO-ish version of Red Dead...
You really do care.

Red Dead Online offers players a new care package for daily challenges

How's your supply of ammunition for hunting varmints in Red Dead Online? Not critters, but specifically varmints. Because you can get a nice...

Red Dead Online brings new features to Xbox One and acknowledges work on player feedback

Red Dead Online continues its steady trickle of updates to the various platform versions of the online cowboy sandbox thing. This time around,...

It’s the final week for Red Dead Online players to earn a care package by ranking up

If you'd like to get yourself a package stuffed with valuable... well, stuff in Red Dead Online, you should start getting to work...

Light some fires in Red Dead Online’s newest Showdown mode, Sport of Kings

Prepare to ride like royalty, Red Dead Online players; the game's latest update brings a new Showdown game mode, Sport of Kings, which...
Choo, then when I say so, choo again.

Red Dead Online opens up a new Rail Baron mode for capturing train cars

The newest free roam event in Red Dead Online is all about being master of the railroad. No, this is not a mode...

Red Dead Online introduces a new challenge to hunt animals and nothing else

The Wild Animal Kills Challenge in Red Dead Online is interesting in part because it already knows what happens when you get a whole...

Red Dead Online adds some new free roam missions, new clothing, and content for PS4 players

The world of Red Dead Online has expanded once again, at least as it relates to content. An update to the multiplayer title...

Rockstar restricts Red Dead Online’s poker minigame due to regional gambling laws

Last week, Rockstar gave Red Dead Online players the opportunity to settle down with some friendly games of poker, but it would...

Red Dead Online reworks anti-griefing systems today, preps for full launch this summer

Red Dead Online's beta is getting a big patch today - and even more this summer. First, the update rolling out today adds...
Take him out.

Here’s another clue that Red Dead Redemption 2 is heading (or was supposed to head) to PC

Rumors and frustrations over whether Red Dead Redemption 2 - and more importantly around these parts, Red Dead Online - will ever...

Red Dead Online is giving you 100 RDO bucks and adding some new fashion

The ever-important decision of what to wear when you're ruthlessly gunning folks down or trying to do a spot of bungee jumping in...