Classic ARPG Titan Quest launches on iOS

Do you have nostalgia pangs for Titan Quest or simply crave a good action-RPG on your iPhone or iPad? Then today is going to...

Shroud of the Avatar makes big changes in Release 29

Shroud of the Avatar is only a few months away from its all-but-in-name summer launch, and as such each patch from here on out...
Sure, it all worked out perfectly, great job.

No Man’s Sky pricing leak rumour sends fans into a tizzy

There's been a huge degree of fascination with indie game No Man's Sky since it stole the show at E3 2014. The game promises seamless exploration of...

Blade & Soul hits one million players in the west

A week after its launch in North America and Europe, Blade & Soul claims to have surpassed one million players in the game worldwide...

Blade & Soul impressions from around the MMO blogosphere

It's probably no surprise to anyone that Blade & Soul managed to rope in a lot of excited fans and curious casuals this past...

Nintendo’s shooter Splatoon gets its final piece of weapon DLC

When Nintendo launched its quirky online shooter Splatoon on the WII U last year, the game had only a handful of maps, weapons and cosmetic clothing options. In order...

Retro-themed EverEmber Online launches today

Just because an MMO is launching in 2015 doesn't mean that it is necessarily some ultra-gorgeous, physics engine-happy affair. Sometimes games look to the...
This seems like a tonal shift.

Destiny developers clarify the shift to event-based updates after The Taken King

Players of Destiny might well have expected the game's future updates to resemble what had happened before The Taken King, with medium-sized DLC packs...

Sphere 3 gets worldwide launch on December 2

Looking for a fresh new MMO to take you into the last month of the year? We humbly present to you Sphere 3, which...

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire officially launches

"The galaxy as we knew it is gone," a familiar voice says in Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest trailer. And so the latest chapter...

Echo of Soul exits beta, launches first raid

Confused over Echo of Soul's nebulous launch status? Fortunately, it's going to be a lot more clear-cut going forward, as the fantasy MMO has...

Cabal 2 launches right here, right now

You ready for some frantic action combat? Cabal 2 is open for business, as ESTSoft's fantasy title officially releases to the public today. COO Steve...
Rank 17! I am SO important to the world!

Blizzard and Netease partner for a Chinese release of Overwatch

You are probably not terribly worried about whether or not Overwatch is going to get a Chinese release for the same reason that most...

LEGO Minifigures Online goes buy-to-play on June 29 with limited availability now

While Funcom would like to market LEGO Minifigures Online's upcoming June 29th event as a launch of the game, in reality the move is...

Cabal II soft-launches on July 2 with no wipe

It's a double dose of good news for Cabal II fans today, as ESTsoft not only announced the game's open beta launch date but...

Black Desert launching in Korea on July 14

The gorgeous fantasy sandbox Black Desert will be launching in about a month -- in Korea, that is. The game posted a notice on...

Voxelbox Trove is officially launching on July 9

This is it, Trove fans. The finish line of beta and the starting line for the official live game. Trion Worlds announced that Trove...

MapleStory 2 is launching in Korea on July 7

Predictions of a July 2nd launch date for MapleStory 2 were off -- but only by a few days. Nexon announced that the colorful...

EVE Evolved: Have the Drifters conquered the Jove Empire?

EVE Online's Carnyx release is right around the corner on June 2nd, and it's going to be a big update! The Caldari will finally...

The Repopulation to launch in Q4 2015

Just when you thought The Repopulation was doomed to be in eternal testing, Above and Beyond Technologies announced that it's releasing. This year. This...