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The Repopulation is back, but major bugs ensure the next patch is a ways off

Idea Fabrik's internal dev team published a dev update on The Repopulation this morning, following the game's relaunch last week. The studio says it's...
Details, details.

The Repopulation is back up and running

It might not have been everyone's ideal scenario, but the fact is that The Repopulation has come back under new management -- and you...

The Repopulation’s new owners say pay-to-win is off the table

Still reeling over the news that The Repopulation has been acquired by Idea Fabrik and will launch in Hero Engine later this quarter after...

The Daily Grind: Will you give The Repopulation another chance?

The after-hours Friday revelation that The Repopulation is relaunching early this year took a lot of our readers by surprise. The much-wanted sandbox MMORPG had...

The Repopulation will relaunch in Q1 2017, now owned by Idea Fabrik

"Great News! The Repopulation is coming back!" -- or so said a hastily deleted tweet from Idea Fabrik last night, which you might have...

The Repopulation distributes Fragmented and lifts NDA

Good news, everybody! Fragmented, the spin-off from The Repopulation, should now be in the hot little hands of all owners of those who ponied...

The Repopulation spin-off Fragmented launches early access this month

Earlier this year, the team behind The Repopulation faced down its HeroEngine difficulties with an ambitious plan to port the entire sandbox MMORPG to...

Interview: The Repopulation’s lead dev on its new engine and survival spin-off Fragmented

Following Above & Beyond Technologies' January announcement that it was solving The Repopulation's HeroEngine crisis by getting the heck away from HeroEngine, we spoke...
This didn't work out all right.

MMO Week in Review: The Repopulation’s triumph (January 31, 2016)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review! After...

The Repopulation switches engines, announces survival spin-off ‘Fragmented’

The Repopulation has finally issued its promised announcement to the community following the long HeroEngine drama that drove it offline last month: Above &...

The Repopulation remains skeptical about HeroEngine’s latest announcement

HeroEngine owner Idea Fabrik announced yesterday that it has made "several positive adjustments" in regard to its ongoing financial situation - namely, "reducing server...

The Repopulation will announce new development plans this month

The Repopulation is making plans, and they aren't plans to shut down. The sandbox studio Above and Beyond became ensnared in HeroEngine's financial problems last fall...

The Repopulation rejects blame for Hero Engine’s financial struggles

The Repopulation's struggles with the money-troubled Hero Engine service have led to game delays, server downtime, and suspended development, and the drama continues today. Earlier this week,...

The Repopulation temporarily suspends development

The unfortunate saga of The Repopulation continues this week, as Above & Beyond Technologies announced that it was pulling the plug on the alpha...

The Repopulation: ‘The risk of downtime is very real’

Throughout November, we've been covering The Repopulation's troubles with Idea Fabrik, the company that runs Hero Engine, on which The Repopulation was built. Idea...

The Repopulation is ‘in a holding pattern’ thanks to Hero Engine woes

Last week, we reported that The Repopulation had suffered a patch delay as a result of contract and financial renegotiation on the part of Hero...
This didn't work out all right.

The Repopulation patches delayed due to Hero Engine issues

Fans of The Repopulation have grown accustomed to an aggressive testing and update schedule, but the testing schedule has suddenly and unexpectedly slowed. A...