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Revelation Online previews the renovation of New Sulan

The latest Q&A post from Revelation Online is all about the upcoming New Sulan update, which will see one of the game's major cities,...

Revelation Online details dungeon difficulty revamp in upcoming New Sulan update

Revelation Online's upcoming New Sulan update is bringing some big changes to the game's dungeon system, which will have its difficulty modes streamlined. With...

Lost Continent: ArcheAge Revelation’s fresh start servers aren’t doing newbies any favors

It’s been over a month now since ArcheAge’s massive update 3.0 went live, adding oodles of new content to Trion’s expansive fantasy sandbox. The...

ArcheAge Q&A covers fresh start servers and its future roadmap

ArcheAge players have no shortage of questions about the game these days, particularly post-Revelation. To answer some of these, Trion Worlds took to the...

ArcheAge starts holiday festival, compensates players with unique mounts

ArcheAge is so, so sorry, guys. While the mess of Revelation's launch in North America still has yet to be fully cleaned up, Trion...

ArcheAge starts to stabilize fresh start servers

As we have been reporting on ArcheAge over the last few days, it has been a hot mess for North American servers ever since...

The Stream Team: A fresh start for ArcheAge?

Massively OP's MJ has a plan to start a new race on a new server. She even made a brand-new ArcheAge account just for...
Too little.

Interview: ArcheAge 3.0 Revelation, fresh start servers, and the cash shop

ArcheAge’s big new 3.0 update is launching this week, and some big changes are happening with Revelation. And with big changes come questions, questions about...
It's official, I can't tell the difference between this and TERA now.

ArcheAge’s Revelation has landed on the PTS

ArcheAge's December expansion is just two weeks away, and Trion Worlds is full steam ahead with putting Revelation through its paces on the public...

Massively OP’s guide to upcoming MMORPG expansions

If there is one consistent inconsistency among MMORPG studios, it is that teams keep swinging back and forth on pursuing the expansion model. How...

This exclusive ArcheAge Revelation art Q&A covers dwarves, mythology, and beer

Last week, Trion revealed that the western version of ArcheAge will soon get the 3.0 Revelation update first announced for Korea last summer. The massive update...

ArcheAge is rolling out a massive 3.0 ‘Revelation’ update in December

Trion Senior Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai announced today that ArcheAge: Revelation, aka ArcheAge 3.0, will roll out to the western servers on December...

Revelation Online’s closed beta begins October 25; here’s the new trailer

Revelation Online announced this morning that its closed beta will kick off on October 25th and run through November 8th. If you've picked up a...
Well, here you are, chittering to the beyond.

Revelation Online shows off the Occultist

The Occultist in Revelation Online is a complicated sort. Sure, a given Occultist is capable of delivering devastating ranged attacks, because what's life without...

DragonCon 2016: ArcheAge on FFA arena, belly physics, fresh-start servers, and December 3.0 launch

Community Manager Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan was on hand at DragonCon 2016 to show off ArcheAge's upcoming updates, from the September second anniversary update coming...

Revelation Online starts testing guild creation and organization

Calling guilds a "sanctuary" in MMORPGs, Revelation Online announced today that it has opened up a new guild module in its forums to allow...

Revelation Online’s Ever, Jane sensibilities

MMORPG import Revelation Online is taking appearances seriously. "Revelation Online offers a complete character creation system," explains in a fresh dev blog out...
Sneak and stab.

Revelation Online opens up founder’s packs for sale

If it's a free-to-play game coming out in the near future and it's got a beta schedule, you probably know enough to expect a...

Revelation Online offers future players a fly-through tour

You cannot actually fly through the realm of Nuanor in Revelation Online at the moment. The game's testing is scheduled to begin in the...

Revelation Online’s class trailer offers six tempting playstyles

When it comes to upcoming games, one of the most pressing questions for any player is which class he or she will choose for...