Epic addresses store roadmap, privacy; Steam finally confronts review bombing

If you've been waiting impatiently for the Epic Store to have various expected features like cloud saves and user reviews, the good news is...
Let the wrong ones in.

The Daily Grind: Why do you read and write MMO reviews?

Rock Paper Shotgun has an intriguiging pair of articles out this week on video game reviews. The first covered what game developers think...
Well this is... not great.

Steam terminates its relationship with MMO company Insel Games over alleged review manipulation

It's really unusual to see publishers outright booted off of Steam, but Valve has done exactly that to Insel Games following reports of...
We are all alone.

Steam changes review scores to histograms in an effort to fight review bombing

If you've never heard of "review bombing" on Steam, we envy you. The process goes something like this: Something causes a certain group of...
No, you can't be quite this evil.

Valve is trying to make it harder to review bomb Steam games

Hate how Steam reviews work? Maybe you'll hate them a little less now. Valve says it's changing how review scores are calculated, so...

Why you should never preorder a Bethsoft game again

Don't expect to see any more detailed, in-depth reviews of upcoming Bethesda products on day one of release: The studio announced yesterday that...

Otherland devs deny buying positive Steam reviews

Drago Entertainment has today denied allegations that it paid for positiveĀ Otherland reviews on Steam. Website accused the developer of directly paying...