Kind of rogue.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most roguish Rogue?

Rogues, Thieves, Smugglers, Scoundrels... they have many names, although for some reason we rarely see classes labeled Scofflaw or Blackguard. (I would play a...

The Game Archaeologist: Pirates of the Caribbean Online

In 1967, Disneyland opened one of its most iconic attractions: a dark boat ride called Pirates of the Caribbean. A large fandom surrounding the...

The Daily Grind: Has a class spec or overhaul ever saved an MMO character for you?

Thieves and rogues and backstabby stealthy types don't usually do much for me in MMORPGs. Oh sure, I play a stealth thief in literally...

RIFT explores the legendary powers of the Rogue and Primalist

One of the major features of RIFT's upcoming Starfall Prophecy expansion is the new high-level legendary powers that take normal skills and abilities and...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best thief class in an MMORPG?

Back in April, I wrote a Daily Grind about MMORPG classes we hate to play, and rogues and thieves topped my list. But I...
Who's dark now?

The Daily Grind: Is there an MMORPG class type you can’t stand playing?

For me, it's rogues. Ug. It's bizarre because I adore rogues, thieves, and especially stealth archers in single-player roleplaying games. There's never been an Elder...

Pantheon’s Rogue will throw chemicals in your face

Hands up: Who wants to play a Rogue when Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen launches? You might be tempted after reading this class' reveal. The...
Just assume one of these people is Susan. I do not like Susan.

These are the stealthers who will gank you in Camelot Unchained

During this afternoon's studio livestream, City State Entertainment revealed the three classes that will be stunlocking and PKing you from stealth mode in Camelot...

Marvel Heroics: Rating Scarlet Witch and Rogue

I'm back with another installment of rating two Marvel Heroes characters that I've leveled up to 60. Last time I looked at Squirrel Girl...

The Stream Team: Sharing the story in Marvel Heroes

MassivelyOP's MJ is already decisionally impaired, and nothing emphasizes that as much as trying to choose whom to play in Marvel Heroes! There are...

Sword and Bored: Class selection

Our fearless protagonist, Mo Powers, loads into the class selection screen. Might he roll an Entertainer?