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Storyboard: What makes an MMORPG a good home for roleplaying?

Guess who's back. I gave Star Wars: The Old Republic a lot of grief over the course of 2018 for the fact that its server merges...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR, a roleplay community divided

Much praise and hatred have been tossed at Star Wars: The Old Republic for its decision to focus more heavily on the single-player aspects...

Roleplay-centric Project Oasis World fails to fund

It has certainly been a rough summer for Kickstarter MMORPGs. On the heel of a pair of failed projects from last week comes the...
Oh, you wanted to use these things. Huh.

Today in why we can’t have nice things: How a No Man’s Sky griefer exploits design flaws to screw with communities

A No Man's Sky griefer purporting to roleplay an evil emperor, monologuing and all, decided to up his griefer game by taking it out of game and...

TERA Claw & Order exclusive: A suspect admits to attempted kidnapping and extortion, but not murder

Attention all sleuths and gumshoes! A mystery tipster shoved this dossier under our door last night. It appears to be a transcript of a...
It's the final showdown.

World of Warcraft hosts a massive roleplaying event to celebrate the defeat of the Legion

If you think about World of Warcraft's Moon Guard server, you probably make some jokes about ERP in Goldshire and move on with your...

The Daily Grind: How important is roleplaying to MMORPGs?

It's not exactly a secret that one of my first loves in any MMORPG is roleplaying. The whole reason I have multiple alts in...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMO to roleplay in as of 2018?

Half an eternity ago, my merry band of MMO PvPers and raiders ran headlong into a gang of roleplayers, and it changed my guild...

Elite: Dangerous player is reaching out to speak with the game’s inscrutable aliens

Remember that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where the crew spent the entire episode tracking down and struggling to communicate with a destructive...
Oh dear.

World of Warcraft saves an in-game tournament by disabling phasing

Players on Moon Guard have long hosted a week-long tournament event for all World of Warcraft roleplayers called the Tournament of Ages. It's filled...
This. They're this.

Leaderboard: Where do you draw the line between griefing and roleplaying?

On the Morrowind subreddit a few days ago, a player was recounting a particular roleplay-slash-griefing episode on a hardcore-roleplay Ultima Online emulator. The player...

Hyperspace Beacon: Outside-the-box Star Wars The Old Republic gameplay

For some reason, this time of year always seems to be a down time in the activity of large-scale MMORPG development. Although Star Wars:...

World of Warcraft weathers roleplay and silencing controversies

All is not well following World of Warcraft's recent pre-expansion patch earlier this week. Two controversies are rocking the game resulting from the update...

Desert Nomad: Immersion, atmosphere, and roleplaying in Black Desert

Hello friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad, your more or less biweekly source of ramblings that are almost guaranteed to be at least...

Hyperspace Beacon: Truly immersing yourself in Star Wars: The Old Republic

I have long been a proponent of roleplaying in MMOs. I’ve often been the roleplayer’s spokesperson on different podcasts and new media broadcasts. I’ve...

Hyperspace Beacon: The importance of pacing in a SWTOR roleplay event

Last time I talked about roleplaying in spite of game mechanics, I didn’t really get a whole lot of comments. I don’t know whether...

Guild Chat: Fitting a character to a new roleplaying guild

Welcome along to another issue of Guild Chat, my cozy wee corner of Massively OP in which we get together to help readers in...

Black Desert gets a Tamer, darker nights, and lanterns with oil

Daum posted a project manager diary on the Black Desert forum yesterday announcing that the Tamer class will not only be playable at launch but be available in...

Hyperspace Beacon: The confused state of the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic

I don’t write a lot about the Star Wars: The Old Republic roleplay community because I don’t usually like it to be known who...
At its core, this is just a couples' shot.

The Daily Grind: What keeps you from roleplaying?

I really, really enjoy roleplaying. It's one of the biggest ways that I enjoy a game. I like coming up with elaborate character backstories...