Rumor: The next Fable may be an MMO

Could the Fable series be heading in a massively multiplayer direction? A blazing hot rumor is searing its way through the internets this week that...

Naoki Yoshida dismisses Final Fantasy XVI directorship rumors

The rumors have flown around about Naoki Yoshida being attached to Final Fantasy XVI as the game's director. In fact, the rumors have been flying...

Rumor: Diablo II is getting a remaster at the end of the year

While many fans are perhaps looking to Diablo IV to save the franchise (aka rehash Diablo II), there are some rumors stirring that Blizzard...

New pictures hint at the potential look of Final Fantasy XI’s mobile version

Remember ages ago, when we first heard about Final Fantasy XI getting a mobile version in collaboration with Nexon? Remember how we've barely heard...

The Daily Grind: What false MMO rumor did you totally buy into at one point?

In Final Fantasy XI, all Goblin enemies have an ability called Bomb Toss. It hurts your entire party a fair amount when it hits,...
Exiled Lands' Test Kitchen

Funcom appears to confirm leak of Conan Exiles’ Architect of Argos DLC

A trailer leaked on YouTube and Reddit this week seems to show major spoilers for Conan Exiles' next big thing. MOP's own Survivalist column has...
Ridin spinnas, ridin spinnas

Rumor has it that Electronic Arts is doing something with Knights of the Old Republic

Attention all hands; this is not a drill. Or maybe it is because, well... rumors are what they are. But the current rumor is...
This is new, this is new, this is new.

Rumor: Star Trek Online may be selling some lockbox ships in the regular store

If you have ever played Star Trek Online, you are no doubt familiar with the occasional flashing messages that so-and-so just won some mega-awesome...

Rumor: Daybreak was working on a Marvel MMORPG until last year

If there are two constant news stories about Daybreak Game Company that we handle, it's that the studio keeps going through rounds of layoffs...

Editing tags may reveal the identity of a character in the Diablo IV cinematic trailer

It's going to be a long while before we have any sort of release date for Diablo IV or anything more than scraps of...
This is not a doll.

Rumor: An official Final Fantasy XI fan gathering is scheduled for February 27

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy XI, it's easy to feel at times like you're sort of the forgotten child. Sure, the game...

Rumor: Overwatch 2 to graft PvE gameplay onto the original

Is Blizzard preparing to pivot to PvE in Overwatch? It looks like this will happen, at least in part, with Overwatch 2. Rumors are...

Leaderboard: Will Blizzard announce Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon?

Among the many rumors being kicked around about BlizzCon is the rumor that the company is gearing up to announce a sequel to its...

German magazine ad appears to confirm impending announcement of Diablo 4

It's been long-rumored - and heck we all expected it last year - but it kinda looks like Diablo 4 has been confirmed by...
I do crimes.

A retailer release list doubles down on rumors for an Overwatch release on the Switch

With the next Nintendo Direct event for fans in the very near future, the rumors of Overwatch arriving on the Nintendo Switch are flying even...
Well, maybe this part.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands rumor gains steam with new ghost ships leak

Remember that alleged World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion leak back in July? This one is picking up steam, as MMO Champion posted a screenshot...
Can't wait to see what's next here?

Fresh off sacking Peria Chronicles, Nexon loses a pair of top execs

Earlier this week, we wrote that Nexon had suspended development of MMORPG Peria Chronicles, which began beta testing in Korea this past spring, having...

Amazon listing hints at Overwatch on Nintendo Switch

This is probably not how Blizzard wanted to reveal the latest destination for its hit team shooter Overwatch. An otherwise innocuous Amazon listing for a...
Well, I'm mollified.

Nexon has apparently canceled Peria Chronicles as employee union organizes protest

Nexon appears to have suspended development of MMORPG Peria Chronicles, which began beta testing in Korea this past spring. According to Korean news website InvenGlobal,...

Rumor: Nexon Korea is shedding more employees and dropping in-development MMOs

More bad news appears to be coming out of the home office of Nexon in Korea. According to unconfirmed and anonymous reports from Inven,...