Guild Wars 2 leak teases living story season three content

An Italian video games site appears to have leaked information about Guild Wars 2's living story season three in a new interview with...
I'm sprcl.

Star Trek magazine provides support for a Star Trek Online crossover with the reboot universe

Remember this dude from Star Trek Online? You know, the guy that got a whole write-up just for the fun of it...
Shoot time!

Destiny’s next major DLC leaks plot details and the Gjallarhorn

The next major Destiny DLC has been shrouded in a certain amount of mystery, but the lights are coming up on Rise of...
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An innocent NPC may allude to future crossovers for Star Trek Online

Look at the guy in that image right there. He's just some dude, right? Just a nameless NPC in Star Trek Online, offering...
It's a new one! Better than the old one!

CCR registers trademark for what may well be RF Online 2

It's been a decade since RF Online came out (that stands for Rising Force Online, not anything else that could be abbreviated with...

Has WildCard reached a settlement with Trendy? [Update: Probably.]

Is the Trendy versus Studio Wildcard legal sparring nearing an end? A recent tweet from Susan Claire Stieglitz Browning, co-founder and former...
This game really provides no shortage of illustrations we need for this.

Hearthstone’s Whispers of the Old Gods is likely launching on April 26th

There's no formal announcement just yet of when Hearthstone players will be able to jump into the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion,...
Are we doing the time warp?

Rumor: BlizzCon 2016 aims for November 4-5

When is this year's BlizzCon? We don't know. It hasn't even been officially announced yet. But the eagle-eyed folks over at MMO...

Rumor: Retailers pegging World of Warcraft: Legion’s release as June 30th

The cycle has begun. Every time a World of Warcraft expansion doesn't have a fixed release date, retailers begin assigning a release date...

Rumor: Diablo III may go free-to-play with next expansion

The writers over at Blizzard Watch have unearthed information that may point to plans for Diablo III to go free-to-play on PC. Earlier this week,...

Rumor: Hearthstone’s next expansion is Whispers of the Old Gods

A Redditor believes he's found an advertisement for Hearthstone's next expansion -- a giant painted wall mural in Brooklyn. The name appears to...

Rumor: Overwatch is releasing on May 24th [Confirmed]

Rumor confirmed! See below. Overwatch could be releasing a lot sooner than you think, if a web ad is to be believed. An ad for...
Yeah, it's never happening.

Could one agreement be what’s preventing localization of Phantasy Star Online 2?

We've made our fair share of jokes about Phantasy Star Online 2 over here at Massively Overpowered, because how could we not? The...

Perfect World toys with ‘Livelock’ twitter teases

Perfect World Entertainment is up to something. The company has retweeted a tease Twitter account, @PlayLivelock, which has been tweeting out sci-fi...

Datamined files point to a SMITE PS4 version

Hi-Rez looks like it might be preparing for further expansion into the console market with an upcoming PlayStation 4 port of its popular MOBA. One datamining site...
Let's do this old gag again.

Rumor: WoW Legion due on or before September 21st, 2016

BlizzCon is starting up later today, but a couple of leaks are already making the rounds. World of Warcraft players poking around...

Rumor: 2K shuts down the studio making Borderlands Online

Borderlands Online isn't looking so hot, according to a report filed today by MMO Culture. The blurb says that 2K Games has...
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Marvel Heroes studio Gazillion hit with layoffs [Confirmed]

It's sad news for fans of Marvel Heroes and Super Hero Squad Online as at least one of the teams behind Gazillion's successful...
Unbreaking what we screwed up forever.

Hi-Rez Studios CEO teases something coming for Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend has been in maintenance mode for a while now. It was never the moneymaker that SMITE proved to be, and...

WildStar dev hints at adding path options

Yesterday the WildStar team hosted a Reddit AMA about the new Cosmic Rewards system, and during that conversation one player asked about being...