Amazon confirms that Breakaway is on hiatus

Is Breakaway dead? We don't know for sure, but the rumors started flying yesterday, and the latest official word certainly reads...

World of Warcraft has a Tortollan pet in its data files

Because World of Warcraft and Hearthstone ostensibly take place in the same world, the latter frequently gets to fill out the lore...

The Daily Grind: Do you seek out MMORPG leaks?

Over the past couple of months, the MMORPG community has worked its way through massive leaks of top-secret info: first for Elder Scrolls...
Oh. Good.

A new job listing for Blizzard suggests another mobile title is in the works

Is there a Blizzard franchise you want to carry around in your pocket? Obviously, you can already play Hearthstone on your phone, but...

Secret World Legends beta leaks show a vastly changed game [Updated]

Funcom has issued a statement about the leaks; we've included it in its entirety at the end of this post. For those assuming that
what wait what

More Destiny 2 leaks support a PC version, future DLC, and the story

So what if there's a new Destiny 2 trailer on the way with an official announcement later today? That's later today. You want...
Everything comes around again.

We may have already known about Overwatch’s next hero… for months

The next Overwatch hero is a quadraped Omnic named Anchora, and she appears to be a tank. This isn't a new announcement, though;...
Iconic or no, I just don't care.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood CE trailer, datamined expansion job

When Stormblood releases in June, Final Fantasy XIV fans are going to be able to play Red Mage and... at least one...
This is all good.

Rumor: NCsoft might be working on Aion 2

So NCsoft is working on another MMORPG. This in and of itself isn't terribly surprising, since this is how the company makes money....

Aeria rebuts Bless North America cancellation rumors

We deal with a lot of rumors here, and while we generally filter out the entirely implausible ones, usually there are a lot of...

Is Hearthstone coming to the Nintendo Switch?

If you missed all the buzz about it yesterday, the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's next console that's either an interesting new take on a...
The rumor, the danger, the threat, the horror.

Rumor: Overwatch’s Sombra and a new PvE mode have been uncovered

Who is Sombra in Overwatch? In a way, you could say that we're all Sombra, but that statement wouldn't make any sense. A...
Stormy stormy storm-storm.

Rumor: Stormblood is the name of the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion

We've got just about a month until Final Fantasy XIV holds its second fan festival in Las Vegas, and players are all eagerly...
Day, night, whatever.

What we know about Age of Wushu 2

In March of last year, rumors that Snail Games was working on Age of Wushu 2 -- not just its Dynasties mobile...
Core, whatever.

Overwatch tweet teases a new addition to the roster

One of the central elements of Overwatch is the fact that it's built around the careful, balanced interplay between its 21 characters. Naturally,...
I'm sprcl.

Star Trek magazine provides support for a Star Trek Online crossover with the reboot universe

Remember this dude from Star Trek Online? You know, the guy that got a whole write-up just for the fun of it...
Shoot time!

Destiny’s next major DLC leaks plot details and the Gjallarhorn

The next major Destiny DLC has been shrouded in a certain amount of mystery, but the lights are coming up on Rise of...
I'm sprcl.

An innocent NPC may allude to future crossovers for Star Trek Online

Look at the guy in that image right there. He's just some dude, right? Just a nameless NPC in Star Trek Online, offering...
It's a new one! Better than the old one!

CCR registers trademark for what may well be RF Online 2

It's been a decade since RF Online came out (that stands for Rising Force Online, not anything else that could be abbreviated with...
This game really provides no shortage of illustrations we need for this.

Hearthstone’s Whispers of the Old Gods is likely launching on April 26th

There's no formal announcement just yet of when Hearthstone players will be able to jump into the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion,...