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Old School RuneScape adjusts to Theatre of Blood feedback, RuneScape announces mobile launch date

It's the start of a new week, and that means another deluge of updates coming out of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. We'll start...

Jagex Interview: Everything you need to know about RuneScape’s mobile edition

With the insane response to Old School RuneScape's mobile launch back in 2018, the pressure was on for Jagex to deliver an equally deserving...

RuneScape Mobile is now in early access on Android for all subscribers

Oh, you thought that mobile phone games were free from the early access flu? You sweet summer child, Jagex would like a word. RuneScape...

RuneFest 2019: RuneScape Mobile moves to early access this year with better UI, free gifts

RuneScape Mobile, your time is coming! Let's be real: As much as you love RuneScape, you likely did not lug a desktop to this...

Runefest 2018: RuneScape Mobile Android beta launches as RuneScape sees new October events

Twas a big weekend for RuneScape fans thanks to RuneFest! Jagex has posted up a rundown of all the happenings for everybody who couldn't...
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Old School RuneScape mobile won’t unduly task your phone or tablet

Looking forward to playing some Old School RuneScape on your phone or tablet this year? That day is getting closer all the time, and...

RuneScape winds down for Christmas, promises mobile talk in the new year

The RuneScape team is out of here, y'all. Turn the lights off, nobody's home. Oh, they'll be back, it's just that Jagex is winding down...