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Riot’s Greg Street explains the Riot MMO’s purported ‘low-key’ reveal

Can we pause for a second to contemplate how blissful it will be when we actually get a real title for Riot Games' MMORPG?...

Riot doesn’t want the Runeterra MMO to ‘be the only game you will ever play’

Riot Games' Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street has been dropping more words on Twitter to tease and hype the MMORPG he's spearheading for the company. The...

Greg Street clarifies Riot MMO progress: ‘It is going great. The team is so stacked.’

A few weeks ago, Riot Games' Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street came out on Twitter to give a bit of an update on how things are...

Riot Games promotes Marc Merrill to president of games

If you could go back to visit younger me and tell my naive face that it was actually possible to be promoted to become...

Riot Games posts another series of jobs for its in-development Runeterra MMO

Riot Games is once again seeking some new blood to help it develop its Runeterra MMO project. The list of positions includes an NPC...
I hate everything about you.

Vague Patch Notes: Unpacking the Riot MMO’s group-centric philosophy

Well! It has been a week, that's for darn sure. And amidst everything else going on this particular week, it would've been easy to...

Riot confirms Runeterra MMO’s group-centered design philosophy

While Riot Games' in-development Runeterra MMO still hasn't publicized anything that resembles gameplay, release plans, or even testing plans, what it does have is...

Riot’s Runeterra MMO director hints at possible character models and world size on Twitter

Let the rampant speculation and assumption leaping begin: Mark Yetter, the game director for Riot Games' in-development Runeterra MMO, has put out a couple...