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Video game voice actors and big studios tentatively ink deal to end 11-month strike

Almost a year ago, SAG-AFTRA issued a strike against a round of video game companies following a year and a half of failing negotiation...

Video game voice actor strike continues, union claims it could aid developers

You might not realize this, but the voice actor strike that started last October is still ongoing in 2017. Video game voice actors have been...

Voice actors union pickets WB Games, disputes game studio claims

Members of the voice actors guild striking against the top echelon of video game companies are today picketing outside WB Games in Burbank, California. Since...

Game companies launch countermeasures against striking voice actor union with website

A coalition of companies targeted by the voice actor strike ongoing since earlier this month have created a website to argue their point of...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite voice acting in an MMORPG?

The SAG-AFTRA's voice actor strike last week has created a lot of discussion in our comments and elsewhere about the value of voice acting...

Jennifer Hale argues in favor of voice actor strike

If you play video games with sound on, you've probably heard Jennifer Hale's voice more than once: She's a voice actress with countless credits...
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The video game voice actor strike is on

The strike that U.S. screen actors guild SAG-AFTRA was threatening against video game studios will be going forward as planned, with the strike starting just after...
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Video game voice actors to strike on October 21st

Voice acting, increasingly, is a big part of MMOs; while Star Wars: The Old Republic puts it forth as a core feature, games like...