saga of lucimia

Official Site: The Saga of Lucimia
Studio: Saga of Lucimia
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy sandbox
Business Model: N/A

Pretty nice world that might one day be a game.

Saga of Lucimia shows off its alpha environments

How do you feel about taking tours of landscapes? The latest video from Saga of Lucimia is taking you on just such a tour...

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Like it needs the help.

Saga of Lucimia shines a light on its darkness mechanics, seeks ‘photogenic’ unpaid CM

Upcoming hardcore fantasy MMORPG Saga of Lucimia has two videos up this week, both on darkness. The first covers the basic mechanics around the...

Scenes from Saga of Lucimia’s alpha

This past Saturday, Saga of Lucimia held an alpha test for people who are not you. We're trusting that you're not the game's developers,...
Darn it, Tad Williams, why.

Betawatch: You may completely believe that Otherland is back on Steam (April 1, 2016)

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It's never quite gone.

April Fools’ Day around the MMOverse, 2016 edition

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Saga of Lucimia’s next public build is coming in April

Now that Saga of Lucimia has emerged from the dark age of development, the team is proving to be quite communicative about the game's...

Saga of Lucimia emerges from ‘the dark ages’ of development

Wondering why you haven't heard much about Saga of Lucimia over the past several months? That's been intentional, as the team had gone silent...

The Daily Grind: Do you prefer soloing or grouping in MMORPGs?

As we belatedly covered yesterday, the developers of upcoming indie MMO Saga of Lucimia believe that group-centric play is the solution to a problem supposedly created by the...
Not happening.

Saga of Lucimia prides itself on group-based teamplay

Soloers, you are not welcome in Saga of Lucimia. At least that's the tone of developer diaries for the upcoming sandbox in which the team boldly...

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Finally, the trifecta is complete.

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Stormhaven Studios forms to work on sandbox Saga of Lucimia

Group-oriented sandbox Saga of Lucimia has taken a significant step to legitimacy this past weekend by announcing that it is now under the umbrella...
Yeah, there's no version of this that ends well.

Saga of Lucimia posts character creation video on Twitch

The Saga of Lucimia promises to be a sandbox MMO with absolutely no solo content. None whatsoever. And it's aiming to accomplish this with...

The Saga of Lucimia focuses on ‘group-based emergent gameplay’

The days of coddling solo players through a massively multiplayer experience are over -- at least according to one upstart indie MMO. Meet The Saga...