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By Crom! Age of Conan’s Saga of Zath server shuts down next week

There is only one thing more terrifying to barbarians than the monster up above, and that’s the end of the world. Both the weak and the strong alike will face their mortality as Age of Conan’s Saga of Zath server concludes its run next week on May 15th.

When the saga server shutdown happens, guilds and characters will automatically be moved to the Crom shard unless a transfer to Fury is initiated. There, players can continue to quest while enjoying any Saga Quest rewards that they had earned during the special server’s few months of run-time.

“It’s been incredibly exciting seeing so many faces, both familiar and new, come together to make the Saga a success,” Funcom said. “We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next, especially considering a certain game is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year…”

Oh Funcom. You’re ever so sly.

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Age of Conan’s first saga server heads into its final month

The end of the world is bearing down on some Age of Conan players, but that’s exactly when things get interesting. Funcom’s special Saga of Zath server has just a month left to go before the studio merges its population in with the Crom server and turns out the lights.

Before then, players can race to earn special gear and vanity items for the main server. To help with that, Funcom is giving all players a free extra specialization, cutting the price of mounts in half, chopping XP booster prices down by 75%, and making raid and PvP gear bundles available.

Saga of Zath started up back in January as a special time-limited PvE server. Players had just a few months to go through a saga quest to earn rewards and gain items. When the merge happens on May 15th, all Zath characters will be transferred to Crom with all progress and inventory intact.

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Age of Conan shares saga server class distribution

With Age of Conan’s saga server underway, players both new and old are flooding in to check out this limited-duration PvE shard with all of its special rewards. With the future of the game perhaps at stake, Funcom is most definitely watching how the saga server proceeds. Lead Designer Massugana isn’t sharing population numbers just yet, but he did draft up a pie chart that showed the class distribution of the inaugural week.

Out of the dozen classes on this server, the Conqueror is by far the crowd favorite at 12.01% of the population. The underdog? That would be the Assassin, with only 6.02% of players choosing to strike from the shadows.

We know you’re curious about Age of Conan’s newest server ruleset, which is why we’re sending our resident barbarian MJ to investigate! Check it out on MOP TV tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern.

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Leaderboard: Are you playing on Age of Conan’s new ‘saga’ server?

Age of Conan’s Saga of Zath server officially launched yesterday, drawing fresh attention back to the game that Funcom maintenance-moded by proxy last year but apparently just isn’t done with. Zath has a ruleset similar to the base PvE server’s, only you have to create a new toon to zip through a “saga quest,” which will give you special rewards that you can then take with you back to Crom when the time limit is up.

According to the comments on our articles so far, Age of Conan hasn’t got quite the traction RIFT (to say nothing of WoW) has with the expansion-progression server or vanilla server idea, but then, this isn’t exactly like those; it’s a little bit more like Diablo III’s seasonal servers, right down to keeping all your loot at the end, but it’s still something new for fans of the original Conan MMO. Future saga servers, Funcom has said, will come with ruleset tweaks.

Let’s take it to the polls for another Leaderboard: Will you be playing Age of Conan’s new server?

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Age of Conan busts out a (small) patch, says saga server info coming soon

There’s a heartbeat in Age of Conan after all!

Funcom turned its attention to the maintenance moded MMO this week with a small patch, pleasing a community that feared it would never see more additions to the game. Update 5.1 has a few nice quality-of-life improvements, such as XP for melee fatalities and a whole mess o’ pets available to purchase on the gilded vendors.

The studio also confirmed that the Saga of Zath server information will be “coming soon” to players eager for word on this fresh start, limited-duration shard. The saga server is scheduled to launch in early 2018 and will allow players to roll new characters that can earn special rewards by reaching goals before a certain date.

Source: Patch notes