This is fine.

Ashes of Creation is rotating in a new set of cosmetic items for pre-orders

So we all know that the Ashes of Creation alpha testing and planned launch has seen delays and that Intrepid has been rolling out a...
Central division.

The Division 2 players datamine Dark Hours information as box sales get off to a slow start

Fans of The Division 2 have started to explore the game in the playing-for-keeps world of launch over the weekend, and the game's subreddit is...
It feels faintly telling, yes.

World of Warcraft offers discounted race changes, faction changes, and character transfers ahead of tomorrow’s patch

Tomorrow, World of Warcraft's newest allied races -- the Kul Tiran Humans and the Zandalari Trolls -- join the Battle for Azeroth, and after...

The Stream Team: Boundless is having a freebie weekend, so we’re streaming it!

Free weekends are a perfect time to check out a game you might be interested in but are unsure if it really fits. This...

Star Trek Online players say they aren’t going for Cryptic’s lackluster $120 ship bundle

Star Trek Online may be set in some sort of idealistic utopia, but the game practices have left its fanbase feeling as though it...

ARK: Extinction launches today with a free week of Survival Evolved

With the lack of fanfare leading up to today, you might have thought that Studio WildCard delayed the launch of ARK's third expansion, Extinction....

Trion Worlds announces week-long Double Up Days sale

The folks at Trion Worlds have just announced their first-ever Double Up Days event. During the week-long event, which runs from today until Wednesday,...
It's fine. This is fine.

RIFT offers a Maelforge Broodling mount and 2 million loyalty points in a new pack

The latest pack being offered for sale to RIFT players, the Fires of Maelforge Power Pack, should perhaps be more accurately dubbed the Loyalty...

Life Is Feudal: Your Own celebrates latest update with franchise-wide half-price sale

Life is Feudal: Your Own, everyone's favorite medieval survival game/serfdom simulator, has just released its latest major update, and to celebrate the occasion, developer...’s back-to-school sale could net you a few cheap multiplayer games

A little bummed that summer is effectively over and the school season is here once more? is here to help you throw one...

Portal Knights weathers a villain invasion and goes on sale

When good players do nothing, evil mobs triumph. So why not get out there and punch evil in its face? Portal Knights needs a...

Trove gives you the chance to reroll your secondary stats

If Trove is your on-the-side MMO that you visit occasionally, you may want to check in with it this weekend. This is due to...

Gamescom 2018: Crowfall offers starter pack sale, talks Pre-Alpha 5.8

The team from ArtCraft is busy drumming up excitement over Crowfall at Gamescom this week. In addition to handing out t-shirts like there's no...

Monster Hunter World breaks its Steam record but now faces a regulation nightmare in China

The record for highest concurrent users on Steam for a game launched in 2018 goes to Monster Hunter World, smashing the record set by......

Bless compensates for downtime, is 67% off this weekend

Neowiz is decompressing from the rollout of this past week's Assassin update in Bless, which went... more or less OK. The studio said that...

Guild Wars 2 has all the activities going on right now

Perhaps to distract MMO players from next week's Battle for Tyria (or whatever) expansion, Guild Wars 2 is really cranking out all sorts of...
tappa tappa tappa

Warframe finally unleashes Nyx Prime (and others) in next week’s sale

As Digital Extremes opens up its Warframe prime vault next week, so too might many players be opening up their wallets in response. "Become the...

Wizard101’s Doctor Who event is bigger on the inside

Someone over at KingsIsle is obviously a big Doctor Who fan, because Wizard101's current event is a thinly veiled homage to that sci-fi series....
How is this real.

Project Gorgon has officially launched on Steam early access with a big sale

The time is here for brave Gorgoneers to suit up, face curses, and brave the lands of beta testing. Project Gorgon has officially gone...

Star Trek Online knocks off $100 from its lifetime subscription

Picard and crew might not have needed money in the oh-so-enlightened Federation, but if you're going to grab a lifetime subscription to Star Trek...