Conan Exiles goes on sale for 20% off, recaps its update progress so far

It's been a whirlwind spring for Conan Exiles, with the survival sandbox racking up hundreds of thousands of sales while pumping out updates...

Guardians of Ember unlocks Act 4, raises level cap, and goes on sale

Runewaker's hack-and-slash MMOARPG is a bit bigger, a bit older, and a bit wiser, thanks to a hefty update to Guardians of...

PSA: ARK and expansion bundle drops below $20

Is that another survival game over there? No, don't look over there -- Studio Wildcard wants you to look over here. At the dinosaurs....
Fight me, coward.

PSA: Champions Online is running a hideout sale through January 1st

Let's face it, you are not the best hero in Champions Online. You try to do good, you really do, but your efforts...

Massively OP’s MMO guide to the Steam Winter Sale

Do you have any money left after all of that holiday shopping, travel, and dining out? Steam would very much like to have what...
It's less of a secret now.

PSA: The Secret World is on sale for 75% off

Big discounts are nice. They're especially nice when you're talking about buy-to-play games, since that means you can get the game at a discount...

Elder Scrolls teases big weekend sale with fresh One Tamriel trailer

Bethsoft released a brand-new trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online last night at The Game Awards, this one talking up One...

ARK: Survival Evolved trots out turkey trial, several new prehistoric beasts

Do you want to see some fantastic beasts? Well, we know where to find them: ARK: Survival Evolved. This week's Thanksgiving update added...

Log into Marvel Heroes on Black Friday, get Black Cat for free

Marvel Heroes has purrrrrfect plans for Thanksgiving and Black Friday: Gazillion announced this morning that it's giving away Black Cat to...
It's less of a secret now.

PSA: Here are a few of the MMORPGs on sale this weekend

I don't normally think of Halloween weekend as being a big sale event for games, but several MMORPGs are running big discounts all...

Hide and Shriek is coming on October 25, offers discounted pre-order

Funcom's 1v1 scarefest Hide and Shriek will be here in a few more days, as the studio set the date of next...

The Secret World tie in to Hide and Shriek confirmed cosmetic only

Although The Secret World fans were hoping for even more details about the upcoming Halloween event, Game Directer Romain Amiel did offer up...
Shh, you'll scare the food.

PSA: Black Desert is $10 for 10 days

It's always a great day when a buy-to-play game goes on sale because then you can pick it up and just sit on it...

Blizzard begins selling Hearthstone welcome bundles

Nothing says welcome and hospitality quite like, "Give us some money and we'll throw you a few items in return!" Actually, that sounds just...

EVE Online goes on sale, offers free weekend

Ever been curious about trying out EVE Online? You can get in right now for absolutely free, as CCP has opened...

Champions Online welcomes twin sidekicks

Two sidekicks for the price of one? What a deal! What a revelation! What a savings! Well, that's enough first-paragraph excitement for the day. Let...

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is now on sale for one week

There are always those people who, no matter how bad they want to buy something, will always wait for the desired item to go...

The MMOs with deals on Amazon Prime Day

The second-biggest holiday of the year has arrived: I'm talking about Prime Day, of course, the summer's Black Friday, when Amazon puts a...

The MMORPGs of the Steam 2016 ‘Summer Picnic Sale’

Get out your wallets, my darlings, because the Steam sale has arrived, and it's hungry. Yes, everyone's favorite summer event for the most frugal...

PSA: Fragmented is 25% off in the Humble Store

Have you been waiting for a good deal before jumping on board Fragmented? Time to put your money where your interest is, for...