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The studio behind Albion Online.

Albion Online talks about the features of its next large-scale update

The Queen update of Albion Online has done pretty well by game director Robin Henkys' reckoning, but as with every MMORPG, it's always...

Massively Overthinking: Do you keep MMOs installed for the login freebies?

MOP reader Styopa proposed this fun topic for Massively Overthinking this week, prompted, he said, by Standing Stone Games' recent promotions for

Albion Online adds arena improvements, more solo randomized dungeons, and zerg changes

A new patch for the Queen update of Albion Online is live, and it's basically providing a few adjustments to make life...

GeForce NOW lets game publishers opt-in, Guild Wars 2 and Albion Online decide to opt-out

The stumble-stepped release of Nvidia's cloud-based games service GeForce NOW is having another wobbling point. Nvidia has elected to let game developers and publishers...
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Albion Online offers a mount skin for an off-season Crystal League tournament

There's a gap between Season 9 and Season 10 of PvP struggles in Albion Online... or at least, the struggle for territory. There...

Albion Online’s newest patch balances for Season 9 while improving mobile play

There are two sides to the most recent Albion Online patch, and they're both about improving the game's environment. One side is fairly...

Albion Online kicks off its ninth guild season tomorrow on May 16

The eve of guild supremacy battle in Albion Online is once more upon us. Guild Season 9 is starting on Saturday, May...
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Albion Online adds mobile improvements like a virtual joystick and Outland banks, raises €42K for COVID-19 relief

If you've been exploring Albion Online on mobile or if you just like the option when you're not at home (there was a...
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Half a million people played Albion Online in April, so its studio is hiring again

Blizzard is far from the only company making bank thanks to millions of gamers stuck at home sheltering from the pandemic right now....

Bethesda donates a total of $1 million to COVID-19 relief efforts

While Bethesda, ZeniMax Media, and its other games studios are all about making games to keep people entertained and safe at home, the company...

Albion Online’s PvP meta-disrupting ninth guild season begins May 16

Early this morning, Albion Online's Sandbox Interactive laid out the roadmap for the next Guild Season - its ninth so far. The key...

Spring and Easter events drop in Albion Online, Roblox, Runes of Magic, and ARK

Spring is in the air, and if you're largely stuck at home, you may as well enjoy it in your MMOs. Yep, it's getting...

The MOP Up: Darkfall Rise of Agon heats up

No, Darkfall Rise of Agon's map up there didn't just contract chicken pox; that's a "heat map" showing all of the bloodthirsty...

COVID-19 roundup: Final Fantasy MMORPG disruptions, Xbox Series X release, and philanthropy from Sony and Albion Online

Yes, we're doing another roundup of stories from the novel coronavirus' impact on our slice of the gaming pie. This one, though, has some...

Albion Online wants to boost players’ ‘incentives for backstabbing and going to war’

Over the last few months, Albion Online's Sandbox Interactive has continued its push to rebalance the endgame meta - specifically, the power and...

Choose My Adventure: Albion Online, chestnut logs, and terrible mistakes

I regret to inform you all that my final moments in Albion Online were something of a bellyflop. A number of smaller frustrations...

Choose My Adventure: In which Albion Online decides to beat me up

OK, Albion Online. I get it. You're a tough guy. You see a soft, doughy person like me and decide to lull me...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 263: Cantha or bust

Justin and Bree discuss the coronavirus' impact on online gaming, Guild Wars 2's Cantha expansion and recent departures, WoW's essence switcharoo, Phantasy Star Online 2's open beta, Albion Online's roadmap, with adventures in WoW Classic, Elder Scrolls Online, and SWG Legends, and mailbag entries on so-called dead games and new engines for old MMOs.

Choose My Adventure: The end of the breadcrumb trail in Albion Online

Well, that didn’t take long. This week was all about following the rest of the breadcrumb trail in Albion Online to see where it...

Albion Online’s 2020 roadmap promises more solo and small group content, improved faction warfare

The remainder of 2020 in Albion Online looks to be an important one for a number of different playstyles in the game if...