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The studio behind Albion Online.

Albion Online buffs matchmaking, loot, and accessibility for its new hellgates

It's patch day for Albion Online, and if you were one of the players fussed over the state of the hellgates introduced in the...

The MOP Up: Neverwinter’s April Fools dungeon

April Fools Day may be past, but its spirit lives on in Neverwinter! This past week's small patch opened up a mini-dungeon for goofy...

Albion Online patches in the moose for hunting, raising, and mounting

Moose! There are some big moose. There are moose in Albion Online now! You might get bitten by a moose, especially if you choose to...

Albion Online’s daily pop rises to 140K players ahead of summer mobile launches

2020 was good for Albion Online and its studio Sandbox Interactive: We've been reporting over the last year how the game has continued to...

Albion Online brings back the Rites of Spring Easter celebration

It's time once again to mark the Easter holiday and spring season in Albion Online with the return of the Rites of Spring event....
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Albion Online’s first patch to Call to Arms increases the faction warfare point pool

At the end of the day, fighting in faction warfare in Albion Online is like fighting with your siblings over who gets the last piece...

Ecclesia Online offers dubious Diablo thrills

There's a new Diablo-esque MMO on the market -- but you may want to approach this one with caution. Ecclesia Online is billing itself...

Albion Online’s Call to Arms update is live today with new faction and buffed faction PvP

As promised, Albion Online's Call to Arms update is live today, with gobs of new content and systems reworks. To wit: Sandbox Interactive has...
Aw, hell.

Albion Online details the changes coming to Hellgates with its patch tomorrow

Jumping into a demonic hellscape can be a fun time if you're playing Albion Online, or at least a rewarding one. It'll be even more...

Vegetation is getting animated in Albion Online’s Call to Arms update

I am writing about wiggly plants in Albion Online. Primarily because the devs of the game have also written about wiggly plants. Among the...

Albion Online players and devs are being menaced by one player using a ‘speed hacking’ technique

Nobody likes to see a hacker or cheater in their game, and the players of Albion Online have had it with these proverbial snakes...
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The MOP Up: Destiny 2 sanctions unorthodox raiding

Just because the devs think you're going to play the game one way doesn't mean that players aren't going to pour a whole lot...

Albion Online offers a closer look at the upcoming loadouts feature

Managing your equipment is a vital yet sometimes obnoxious chore, especially when you want to switch gears from combat to crafting as an example....
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Albion Online buffs castle and outpost point generation ahead of Season 12 PvP

The next season of Guild PvP is starting very soon in Albion Online, with season 12 slated to kick off on Saturday, March 13th. Still,...
Not riding a shark, but still riding a shark.

Albion Online launches the Call to Arms update on March 17

It's time for a new level of faction warfare in Albion Online when the Call to Arms update releases on March 17th. In addition to...

Albion Online introduces the new Caerleon faction arriving with the Call to Arms update

Albion Online has been all in on factions over the past few weeks, as those who have been following along already know. Today, there's...

Albion Online invites players to give a field test for the new Faction Warfare update

The next major update for Albion Online is going to involve some pretty major changes to faction warfare, and those changes are best tested...
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Albion Online discusses the faction rankings and rewards coming with the Call to Arms update

One of the spotlight pieces of content coming to Albion Online in the Call to Arms update is the adjustments to faction warfare, but...

Albion Online’s Guild Season 12 officially gets underway in March

It's time once again for a fresh season of GvG goodness for Albion Online as the sandbox MMORPG announced it will be kicking off...
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Albion Online details its plans for the upcoming faction war revamp

War! What is it good for? Faction standing in Albion Online, among other things. But there's room to make that faction warfare system better all...