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Epic ends support for Fortnite: Save the World on Mac because Apple won’t sign patch updates

The saga of Epic and Apple's legal spat has once more applied a ripple effect to players, this time to Fortnite's PvE mode Save...

Fortnite elaborates on the Ventures feature and new missions arriving to Save the World

With Fortnite effectively putting the kibosh on major new updates, there leaves the one final piece of content which will become the only form...

Former Epic producer reveals that Fortnite almost got canned over Save the World

Fortnite Battle Royale has been a runaway success for Epic Games, cementing the popularity of the battle royale genre in mainstream gaming culture and...

Fortnite’s Save the World 6.30 overhaul is on the way

Although Fortnite's cooperative multiplayer component, Save the World, doesn't tend to get quite as much love as its little brother Battle Royale, the folks...

Fortnite delays Save the World F2P, promises sweeping PvE revamp, and teases Halloween

We're actually surprised that Fortnite's PvE mode, Save the World, does so well. Relegated to the virtual backburner ever since the game's hastily constructed...

Fortnite Save the World update features Canny Valley part two, mission req changes

It seems like these days the only things we ever hear about Fortnite have to do with its immensely popular competitive Battle Royale mode,...
I'm not really interested.

Fortnite patches in a new point of interest and more quests

The latest patch for Fortnite is out, and it has some new weaponry for you in both its Battle Royale and Save The World...