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The MOP Up: ArcheAge attempts to end the year on a high note

This past week, ArcheAge's devs talked about the game's December plans and how the sandbox fantasy MMO is going to close out the year. "We...

Star Citizen kicks off another Luminalia holiday event and discusses Pyro sound design

The holiday season is arriving to Star Citizen as this year's Luminalia event is back once more. bringing a few in-game and out-of-game goodies...

Star Citizen talks about refining its internal build creation process and the Polaris interior

Star Citizen is talking tools again! The first half of the game's weekly video digest is all about improving internal builds as the devs...

Star Citizen unveils the multi-purpose RSI Galaxy and the C8R Pisces space ambulance

As Star Citizen's IAE event rolls forward, this week's video digest is once again focused on spaceships, particularly new ship reveals in the form...
Rome wasn't built in a day, sure, but it did get built.

A new fan-made timeline shows Star Citizen development adjacent to the tech industry, From Software, and CD Projekt Red

Here's a reality check for how long Star Citizen's development has dragged on: When pre-production for the game began, Dark Souls didn't exist. The...

Star Citizen takes a look at the new Drake Cutter starter ship and checks in on 600i interior remodeling work

With the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo free fly event now in full swing, the devs of Star Citizen are keen to show off some of...

Here’s what to expect from Star Citizen’s IAE free fly promo starting tomorrow

Try before you buy, whether it's a new shiny spaceship (with in-game or real world currency) or a starter pack! That's the primary thrust...

Star Citizen is all about its vehicles as the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo free fly event draws near

This Friday is a big deal for Star Citizen, especially if all of the excited flailing and screeching out of CIG is anything to...

Star Citizen deep-dives alpha 3.18’s racing features and courses

Last week, the devs of Star Citizen used half of its weekly Inside Star Citizen video digest to talk about a couple of the...

Star Citizen remarks on outposts and Pyro stations, showcases more new spaceship racetracks

Star Citizen's alpha 3.18 draws ever closer as it angles for a December release, so it would be unsurprising to learn that most of...

Star Citizen answers player questions about cargo in an AMA

Alpha 3.18 of Star Citizen is going all in on being Space FedEx with its big boxy cargo refactor update, and now that players...

Star Citizen’s alpha 3.18 will make space truck explosions a more persistent mess with its cargo refactor

If one of your favorite things to do is go space truckin' in Star Citizen, then you'll want to pay attention to this week's...

Star Citizen outlines work done for CitizenCon, alpha 3.18, and Arena Commander in October dev report

Star Citizen is checking back in once again with its customary monthly development report for October, which by and large focuses on things that...

Star Citizen begins spooling up hype for its next IAE free fly event, talks mission updates with the devs

The Interstellar Aerospace Expo, otherwise known as the big ticket free fly event from Star Citizen, has confirmed a calendar date: Friday, November 18th....

Video montage reminds fans that Star Citizen has been promising ship subsystem features for eight years

The Power Play presentation from Star Citizen's CitizenCon 2022 offered a demonstration of capital ship subsystems like power, gravity, and life support being futzed...

Star Citizen shares progress reports on new underground sprawls and the Gen 12 renderer

The hiatus for Star Citizen's quarterly video series is over this week as the latest episode is live, and this time around the topic...

Star Citizen reiterates anti-bigotry policy in response to toxic fan feedback on rainbow ship paint

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium is once again having to tap the sign at its more unruly members of the community. A forum thread...

Star Citizen highlights vehicles, master mode, hull scraping, and the 600i rework

Star Citizen has put out its first post-CitizenCon episode of Star Citizen Live, which means that the devs are talking about some of the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 393: Saga of the Chronicles of the Ember Shards of Aria

Justin and Bree discuss Halloween in MMOs, Embers Adrift's launch, Star Citizen, World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Chronicles of Elyria, and Legends of Aria, with adventures in LOTRO and SWG Legends.

Stick and Rudder: Everything we learned from Star Citizen’s CitizenCon 2022 presentations

I've lost five hours so you don't have to. This year's CitizenCon event for Star Citizen was definitely something, and while a great deal of...