Annoyed with LOTRO’s scaling and launcher issues? An MMO dev has tips for solving them yourself

Whenever we write a Lord of the Rings Online article here on MassivelyOP, it's inevitable that someone - usually someones - will pop into...
One one one.

Fallout 76 patches in One Wasteland and Season Two with today’s update

Henceforth, there will be no more divisions of wastelands within Fallout 76! It's all one irradiated mess, after all, and now you won't have to...
things are going great

WildStar patches in Primetime and preps November booster events

The most recent patch for WildStar is Primetime, and it is indeed all about making it the time for Prime. The Genetic Archives raid...
Full of sound and fury. Sadly.

WildStar’s next update makes scaling down a little more viable

If you're at the level cap in WildStar, you're probably looking forward to the game's next update. If you aren't at the level cap...
Fresh-faced losers again.

Allods Online’s next big update adds in low-level Astral Allods and Skirmishes

Every MMO wants to put its best foot forward, but it usually as a lot of content that's locked behind higher levels. So how...

EVE Evolved: Four PvE improvements EVE needs

EVE Online is typically thought of as being a heavily PvP-oriented game, and for good reason. Players can attack each other anywhere in the...
Eff a robot.

Skyforge introduces Prestige scaling with its next major patch

There's nothing worse than logging on to play a game with your friends to find that they're Level A Million Or Something whilst you're...
Take a walk on the already-done-this side.

World of Warcraft demos its first timewalking dungeon, The Arcatraz

The next patch for World of Warcraft is sending players back in time, just a little bit. With an expansion based on nostalgia, that...