scorched earth

The Stream Team: Pet rocks in ARK

Last time Massively OP's MJ romped through ARK's Scorched Desert, she and the group decided to try and tame a Rock Golem. Unfortunately, they...

The Stream Team: Back to baking in ARK’s Scorched Earth sun

After wandering around the ARK's Scorched Earth, Massively OP's MJ feels she hadn't given the desert a fair shake. There looks to be some...

The Stream Team: Soaring over ARK’s Scorched Desert

Poor Scorched Earth. With all the time that Massively OP's MJ has spent on the island and then Aberration, ARK's first expansion has been...

ARK: Survival Evolved comes to Windows 10, adds Xbox One cross-play

Like a stampeding triceratops, there's no slowing down ARK: Survival Evolved these days. Studio Wildcard announced that it brought the game to Windows 10...

PAX West 2017: ARK Survival Evolved on optimization, the Aberration expansion, and future development

This past summer, ARK: Survival Evolved finally officially launched, ending its stint as an early access game just three days before PAX West, then promptly announced...

The Stream Team: More ARK Scorched Earth shenanigans

With her ARK server switching over to a procedurally generated map for August, Massively OP's MJ has very little time left for shenanigans in...

ARK: Survival Evolved’s Jeremy Stieglitz on Scorched Earth and console launch

ARK: Survival Evolved Co-Founder Jeremy Stieglitz has posted to Reddit an unreleased interview he did for Eurogamer, which apparently won't be published there. In it,...

ARK: Survival Evolved trots out turkey trial, several new prehistoric beasts

Do you want to see some fantastic beasts? Well, we know where to find them: ARK: Survival Evolved. This week's Thanksgiving update added four new...

Ditch your ARK for another with cross-map transfers

While folks are still waiting for a PS4 launch for ARK: Survival Evolved, (devs have said it is at SONY undergoing the certification process),...

ARK: Survival Evolved introduces procedurally generated maps

Studio Wildcard is touting a big update to ARK: Survival Evolved this week that ought to come with a trigger warning for people who...

Wildcard on why its selling ARK: Survival Evolved DLC while still in early access

Over the weekend, ARK: Survival Evolved fans and a Studio Wildcard developer clashed when, in response to player complaints that Wildcard will charge for...

ARK: Survival Evolved’s first expansion, Scorched Earth, is now on Steam

Studio Wildcard has made good on the ARK: Survival Evolved tease it issued earlier this week: It's just announced its first expansion pack, ARK:...