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Desert Arena: First impressions of Shadow Arena, the Diet Black Desert of battle royales

Did someone just cast Arcane Echo? Because this'll be our second piece on Shadow Arena this week, following its deep-dive by our PvP columnist...

Fight or Kite: Shining a light on Pearl Abyss’ Shadow Arena

Last week, Pearl Abyss allowed players to finally jump back into its take on the battle royale craze with Shadow Arena. The game was...

Betawatch: Temtem plans for this year and the next

You can be glib and accuse Temtem of basically being a slight variant of Pokémon, but you cannot accuse the developers of lacking ambition. Not only...

The Stream Team: Stepping into Shadow Arena’s closed beta

There's a new Battle Royale on the scene today-- but it's not really new. The once-mode of Black Desert Online, Shadow Arena kicks off...

Shadow Arena’s closed beta test has officially begun – are you trying it out?

Shadow Arena, Pearl Abyss' one-time battle royale mode for MMORPG Black Desert, officially hits closed beta today as a standalone title. "Shadow Arena pits 40...

Betawatch: Crowfall hands out rewards, guides people in necromancy, and covers race disciplines

Darn it, Crowfall, could you be bothered to have a unifying theme this week? Look, it's good that you're giving out monthly rewards to backers,...

Interview: Pearl Abyss on Shadow Arena’s Black Desert origins, esports, audience, and more

Along with battle royale fans and Black Desert players, we've been keeping an eye on Pearl Abyss' Shadow Arena, the one-time battle royale mode...

Grab a key for Shadow Arena’s February 27 closed beta, courtesy of Pearl Abyss and MOP

If you were a big fan of Black Desert's Shadow Arena when it joined the MMO and then was removed last year, then you're...

Betawatch: New World is back in the old alpha

It's a whole New World all over again! And it is actually a new New World, to be clear; it's back in alpha testing, yes, but...

Desert Oasis: Finding the plot in Black Desert’s story

In our preview of Black Desert's new Guardian class, one of the more surprising conversations to come out of the comments was the opinion...

Black Desert’s standalone battle royale title Shadow Arena enters closed beta on February 27

Can a game really get a second chance to make a first impression? We may well find out once Shadow Arena, the standalone battle...
It's kinda hot.

The Black Desert Online battle royale spinoff Shadow Arena places a premium on leveling your skills

If there was any MMO on the market that could break into the battle royale genre in a big way, it would seem to...

G-Star 2019: Pearl Abyss fully reveals Crimson Desert, Plan 8, Shadow Arena, and DokeV

Late last night, Pearl Abyss took the stage at Pearl Abyss Connect ahead of G-Star to officially unveil a staggering four new online games...

Black Desert adds a fish worth 500k Silver on PC and the Mystic Awakening on Xbox One

Every fisherman dreams of landing the Big One, but not all huge hauls are created equal. Take, for example, the Yvrug in Black Desert...

Crimson Oasis: Speculation on Crimson Desert, Pearl Abyss’ new MMORPG

Lasst week, we reported on what looks like Pearl Abyss' power move to overtake the MMO market. With three MMOs and a Shadow Arena...

Pearl Abyss announces three new MMOs: Crimson Desert, Plan 8, and DokeV

Well, it may have been a little bit spoilered by leaks around the internet, but it's official now: Pearl Abyss has just formally announced...

Pearl Abyss preps standalone Shadow Arena battle royale plucked from Black Desert

Remember Shadow Arena, Black Desert's short-lived PvP battle royale mode? It was announced just before 2019, released a few weeks later, and immediately devolved...

Q2 2019 financials: Black Desert’s Pearl Abyss rakes in huge profits, builds six new games

You read that headline right. Six. Pearl Abyss has had an absolute banger of a second quarter according to its most recent financial earnings...

Desert Oasis: Understanding and critiquing Black Desert’s RNG systems

One of the main critiques readers made about my first Desert Oasis column last month was that I did not mention Black Desert's random...

Choose My Adventure: Trove’s brave new (uber) world

It's everyone's favorite day of the week -- at least if you're that annoying camel in that one Geico commercial -- and you know...