shadowrun chronicles

Official Site: Shadowrun Chronicles fka Shadowrun Online
Studio: Cliffhanger Productions
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Cyberpunk
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya, Android, iOS

Global Chat: You’re playing MMOs wrong

Have you ever lost your top when someone condescended to lecture you that you’re playing MMORPGs wrong? You and Roger at Contains Moderate Peril both, pal. In a recent essay, he goes off on those who would presume to lecture others that there is a “proper” way to play online games.

“Is there a definitive way to play an MMORPG?” he asks. “‘No’ is the brief answer. Sure, each MMO has a set of rules and procedures that set out a path of progression. However, nowhere in these rules will you find a statement saying it is mandatory to play this particular way. Humans like to adapt things to suit their own needs. Play is underpinned by imagination and creativity.”

Revolt against peer pressure and conformity! Raid in your skivvies! Roleplay as an omniscient tree stump!

The parade of MMO blog essays continue in today’s Global Chat, where writers talk about LOTRO band outfits, the lack of excitement over online game launches, being a frog in EverQuest II, and more.

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Not So Massively: Destiny’s development woes (October 26, 2015)

Online gaming and e-sports are getting bigger by the day, and there are literally hundreds of popular online games out there that don’t really fit into the MMO category. Join me each week for Not So Massively, where I gather together the top stories from the biggest MOBAs, competitive card games, first person shooters, and other popular online games in one place.

A damning investigative report on the development of Destiny was released this week, claiming that the story was completely scrapped and rewritten from scratch toward the end of development. We also heard about the crazy lengths South Korean soldiers have gone to in order to stave off Hearthstone withdrawal, and how Star Citizen players have created tube system maps of the game universe. Heroes of Newerth has released a fun new Devo Wars game mode, and League of Legends is preparing for this Saturday’s world championship grand final. We also have development updates from Elite: Dangerous, Path of Exile, Overwatch, Firefall and more.

If there’s a game or story you’d like to see covered in next week’s Not So Massively, please drop us a tip and let us know.

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Not So Massively: Dota 2’s $18m main event, Hearthstone’s expansion

This week, third-person MOBA SMITE revealed its new support character Khepri, the ancient Egyptian scarab god. League of Legends pushed its HUD overhaul to the ranked queue and temporarily killed off champion Gangplank with the opening of a new Black Market Brawlers game mode. Heroes of Newerth released the first of its new Paragon avatars designed to raise money for its competitive scene, and Blizzard announced its plans for Heroes of the Storm competitive play at Gamescom next week. With the Dota 2 world championship prize fund hitting $18,000,000 US, the brackets have now been finalised for this week’s main event.

Star Citizen revealed details of this year’s event at Gamescom and fixed a hilarious bug in the FPS module causing items to teleport around its levels. Elite: Dangerous gave players an inside look at the game’s ship damage model and how exactly damage is applied to individual subsystems. Path of Exile gave us a sneak peek at its upcoming patch 2.0.1 content update, and YouTube channel ZiggyDGaming published an updated Path of Exile survival guide. Hearthstone announced a new expansion named The Grand Tournament, and Splatoon is preparing a month packed full of big updates.

Read on for detailed breakdowns of the stories above and other news from the wider world of online gaming in this week’s Not So Massively, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly updates!

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Steam’s summer sale offers mad MMO deals [Updated Monday]

Prepare your wallets to go broke and your libraries to fill to the brim with games that you’ll never have time to play, for Steam’s summer sale is upon us once again! As part of Steam’s annual extravaganza, the platform is selling many MMOs and packages at a discount:

We’ve got even more deals for you after the jump!

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Shadowrun Chronicles developer declares bankruptcy [Updated]

After several delays, Shadowrun Chronicles, the rebranded form of what was originally being developed as Shadowrun Online, launched on Steam a month ago. Now, a month out, the studio behind the game is bankrupt. The company has apparently already been assigned a liquidator, which raises serious questions about the future of the game after a month of operation.

One of the developers posted on the Steam forum that this does not mean doom for the game or even the company, with a statement due out later tonight regarding the situation. While players are assured that the servers will remain up and the next update is on track… it’s a bit hard to feel terribly certain, obviously.

[Update]: MassivelyOP has been provided with a copy of the most recent backer update wherein Cliffhanger Productions addresses the bankruptcy filing. You can read it after the cut.

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Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown launches today

After quite a while in early access testing and a significant name change that appears to have displaced much of the “online” component of the game, Shadowrun Chronicles is officially launching today with its first campaign, Boston Lockdown.

The launch is accompanied by several balancing changes, a polishing pass, and plenty of bug fixes. Players can form a team of “runners” to tackle missions with turn-based combat in this cyberpunk setting. While it can be experienced completely solo, there is an option to join up with other players in hubs for a co-op run.

The standard version of Shadowrun Chronicles is $40 while the deluxe version will run you $60.

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Betawatch: March 6, 2015

After a brief delay, Camelot Unchained’s alpha went live this week; City State Entertainment even threw in a builder tool to sweeten the pot. What else is new in the land of MMO testing?

Our complete list of MMOs in testing is below.

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Shadowrun Online rebrands as Shadowrun Chronicles, aims for April release

Shadowrun Online isn’t Shadowrun Online any longer. Hot on the heels of its announcement that it’s secured a physical distributor, the game has rebranded itself as Shadowrun Chronicles. A recent development post explains that the name Shadowrun Online created expectations that ran counter to the team’s goals, so hopefully the name change will more accurately reflect their design intent. Draw your own conclusions there.

If you’re holding off on drawing those conclusions until the game actually launches, though, you won’t have to wait much longer. The same post also announces that the game will be launching on April 28th, just a little under two months away. You can check out the most recent trailer for the game just past the break.

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