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Tower of Fantasy’s latest patch brings a lineup of events and heralds a new character

The latest patch for Tower of Fantasy doesn't seem to have too much going on in it at first blush - it's primarily full...

Tower of Fantasy adds a whip-wielding card trick magician to the roster on February 23

The latest character coming to the shared world RPG Tower of Fantasy is bringing some of that ol' razzle-dazzle. And a whip. Her name...

Tower of Fantasy unveils a frosty karate robot coming to the roster on February 2

Have you ever worn shoes that could kill? You will be if you're going to be playing as Alyss, the new Simulacrum arriving to...

Developers of upcoming PC and mobile online RPG Project D detail planned gameplay features

One of the games we touched on in a recent MOP Up post was Project D, an in-development multiplayer online RPG from developer Hound...

Tower of Fantasy’s latest patch adds support for ray tracing on PC and launches some new events

Do you play Tower of Fantasy on PC? Do you have a GPU that supports ray tracing? Then you're in luck because the shared...

Tower of Fantasy admits it needs to ‘initiate more thorough practices for reviewing code’ after apparent hacking attempts

Games going down for emergency maintenance isn't exactly news, but when a game is forced to perform such maintenance twice in one week, then...

Tower of Fantasy arrives to Steam with its newly released Vera content update in tow

Starting today, players of Tower of Fantasy get to play in the sand and invite some new friends along. The Vera content update has...

Tower of Fantasy shares a tour of the upcoming Vera update and a new Simulacrum trailer

Tower of Fantasy fans know that Thursday, October 20th, is a big day for the shared world RPG since that's when its Vera update...

Tower of Fantasy previews a new character arriving October 6 and launches several new events

While most regular players of Tower of Fantasy are eager for the big 2.0 Vera update, the shared world RPG would like to tide...

Tower of Fantasy shares video previews of the upcoming Vera region and a new Simulacrum character

What do an arid desert, a cyberpunk cityscape, and a katana-wielding badass have in common with one another? They're all part of some new...

Tower of Fantasy applies a fix and issues compensation for a bugged gacha banner

Tower of Fantasy is a game with a gacha monetization model, which means that those who engage in the practice of pulling for a...

Tower of Fantasy hands out free currencies after its launch hits some server snags

The multiplayer "shared world RPG" Tower of Fantasy made its global debut to players yesterday, and unsurprisingly, it didn't exactly go off without some...