spiral genesis

Official Site: The War of Genesis 4 – Spiral Genesis
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy themepark
Business Model: F2P
Platform: PC

Watch War of Genesis 4’s gameplay

Here’s another Korean beta to bring to your attention: War of Genesis 4: Spiral Genesis. No, we haven’t played one through three, but we’ll assume that you don’t need to be a hardcore GeniFan to get into the fourth installment. The fantasy title gives players control of up to five characters who can jump through time and fight in different epochs.

Steparu.com got some time in the game and reported back that it feels “a bit dated” and “awkward and stiff.” Hardly a strong endorsement, but you can check out the following gameplay video and perhaps decide for yourself.

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The War of Genesis 4 – Spiral Genesis Online is a thing

Come on down, The War of Genesis 4 – Spiral Genesis Online! You’re the latest contestant in the first annual MassivelyOP Awkward Game Title Awards. OK, not really, but TWOG4SGO is a real MMO and it boasts over 300 playable characters, according to Steparu.

If that number seems a bit outlandish, consider the game’s multi-character control system that allows for unique party setups, skills, formations, and hidden skill combos. Softmax Korea has announced a closed beta test, which begins on April 16th.

We’ve added some fresh trailers below.

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