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Global Chat: Get over the lockbox debate already

One of the largest and most enduring arguments of the MMO genre is the purpose, legality, and profitability of so-called lockboxes in games. We've...

One Shots: The power of pink hair

Wherever there is trouble, Manastu Utakata will be there to fight it with her lightning-fast screenshot button and trademark pink hair. Villains, start running right...

Dungeons and Dragons Online hands out free battle companion to all subscribers

One thing is for certain these days: Standing Stone Games really wants your business and loyalty, and it is not above a little bribery...

The Daily Grind: Which no-housing MMORPG needs housing the most?

During our Elder Scrolls Online housing stream earlier this week, Larry and I joked about World of Warcraft's half-hearted and ineffective attempts to satisfy...

Tamriel Infinium: Four reasons Elder Scrolls Online’s Homestead tops other MMO housing

Traditionally, in this Tamriel Infinium column, I have been extremely critical of The Elder Scrolls Online, and I promise you, I'm sure I'll lob criticism...
Hey-nonny-nonny, it's time for another song you skip over!

Choose My Adventure: LOTRO in hindsight, WildStar ahead

Writing about Lord of the Rings Online is an odd experience for me because the reality is pretty simple: I don't like the game...
Morrowind, feat. Westly's Orcs

Massively OP Podcast Episode 103: Back to Morrowind

Justin and Bree discuss ESO Morrowind and Homestead, PWE, SolForge, Conan Exiles, DDO, Marvel Heroes, LOTRO, and SWTOR, with reader mail on WildStar and Hero's Song.

LOTRO’s housing changes arrive on Monday

One of the biggest changes to Lord of the Rings Online's housing system in years is arriving on Monday, giving Hobbit interior decorators something...

LOTRO Legendarium: 10 things we know about the Mordor expansion

We are one month into 2017, and already the MMO genre is brimming with anticipation over several upcoming expansions. One of those has no...
Oh jeez.

Recapping the Asheron’s Call sunsets

Just before Christmas, we learned the sad news that Turbine would not be transferring Asheron's Call and its revivified sequel to Standing Stone as...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most notable copycat MMORPG of all time?

A few weeks ago, I logged into Lord of the Rings Online for the first time in what I think is a few years....

Dungeons & Dragons Online’s update 34 encourages you to not fear the Reaper (Difficulty)

Seasons don't fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain. You can be like they are, and considering the new...
Wow, positive.

Perfect Ten: MMO NPC lives from best to worst

The lives of NPCs are unpleasant within MMOs. Imagine coming into existence knowing that you are forever doomed to perform one singular function, one...
This wasn't really what you cared about anyway, right? Right.

Battle Bards Episode 91: Forest Tales

Take a stroll through the trees and become totally lost in the foliage, drinking in the sounds of the forest with today’s show, as...
Gallop polling! I slay me.

Choose My Adventure: Wrapping up in Lord of the Rings Online

What is with me and ending this feature in slightly snowy pine-forested woodlands? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to happen twice...

The Daily Grind: Have any 2017 previews sucked you back into MMOs?

One thing I look forward to at the start of every year is seeing all of the producer's letters, states of the game, and...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 102: Sailing into the future

Justin and Larry discuss LOTRO, Elder Scrolls Online, SWTOR, Star Trek Online, Asheron's Call, H1Z1, Black Desert, and Guild Wars 2, with a special Bree monologue about the new comment system.

LOTRO’s Mordor expansion will take place after the destruction of the One Ring

When Lord of the Rings Online players finally step foot into the dreaded land of Mordor this summer, they will make one shocking discovery: The...

Global Chat: Interior decorating in MMORPGs

With Elder Scrolls Online's new housing system coming early next month and LOTRO testing out some much-needed housing improvements, homemaking seems to be a...
Where you at, ArenaNet?

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG has the best music system?

In Andrew's retrospective of Asheron's Call 2 last week, he mentioned that the game had a music system, something I'd long since forgotten, if...