Official Site: Stash
Studio: Frogdice
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Turn-based MMO
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Stash increases its level cap and posts its development roadmap

Turn-based MMO Stash, which officially launched back in early January, continues to grow into its big boy britches. On February 20th, the...

Turn-based MMO Stash launches after quietly growing over the years

Back in 2016, we first heard about a unique-looking MMO that had just entered early access called Stash. This indie title eschewed...

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Tabletop-styled Stash enters Steam early access

Following two successful Kickstarter campaigns, turn-based MMORPG Stash went silent for the better part of a year as Frogdice worked to shape...

Path of Exile updates its new currency stash tab

Launched a few weeks ago, Path of Exile's currency stash tab was intended to allow players to sort their myriad currencies into...

Stash successfully completes its second Kickstarter campaign

Stash is proving that there might be no limits to how many crowdfunding campaigns a studio can run, as the tabletop-themed MMO

Stash combines tabletop gaming, infinite leveling, and turn-based combat

If you have been looking for an MMO that's different in just about every way conceivable and draws upon nearly two decades of...