Official Site: Stash
Studio: Frogdice
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Turn-based MMO
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Stash increases its level cap and posts its development roadmap

Turn-based MMO Stash, which officially launched back in early January, continues to grow into its big boy britches. On February 20th, the game rolled out its fourth tier, a massive content update that contained content across the gamut.

For starters, the level cap has been increased to 40 and additional abilities have been added to the game, which should give players more carrots to chase. Players can also level up crafting to 40, explore new regions and dungeons, and face off against additional bosses. The title also added an armor cosmetic system to allow for the customization of a player’s appearance.

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Turn-based MMO Stash launches after quietly growing over the years

Back in 2016, we first heard about a unique-looking MMO that had just entered early access called Stash. This indie title eschewed modern conventions for a more board game-like experience, complete with tokens that moved around and a turn-based combat system. Well, now it appears that Stash has finally left its own beginner zone to adventure out into a wider world of an official launch.

Stash is an MMO with turn-based grid combat, highly customizable housing, a tabletop art style, and more loot than you can fit in a portable hole,” the game’s lead developer emailed us. “Stash brings the fun and challenge of a tabletop or pen-and-paper gaming group into an MMO.”

Stash is a free-to-play title that can be accessed through Steam. Check out its trailer after the break!

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Massively OP’s guide to the best upcoming indie MMORPGs, part three

Over the last couple of weeks, we shared with you part one and part two of our guide to the best upcoming and current indie MMORPGs on the market. Naturally, there were always those titles that we overlooked or couldn’t fit into the space, so we are back with the third and final part of this guide to make sure that all of your favorite games got mentioned.

As a side note, we won’t be covering most of the survival sandbox and mere multiplayer titles, as that would be too much for the scope of this guide. And if you’re interested in these games, then you’ll definitely want to track our Make My MMO and Betawatch columns.

On with part three!

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Make My MMO: Elyria’s funding and Osiris’ console plans (October 1, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Chronicles of Elyria caused an unintentional stir this week when Soulbound Studios posted that it still needed up to $3 million to completely finish the game. While it wasn’t exactly a secret, the revelation was still a surprise to many players as it wasn’t expressly stated in the Kickstarter earlier this year. Compounding the consternation was Soulbound’s simultaneous notice that it would not be granting refunds for Kickstarter donations. Studio boss Jeromy Walsh told Massively OP in a lengthy interview that the money raised through Kickstarter and pre-Kickstarter investment from friends and family is being used to create a minimal viable product and that while the company does plan to crowdfund using its website store, most of the remaining money will be raised through investors or publishers, not players.

Meanwhile, we offered up a checklist for how to approach MMO Kickstarting from the player end, Shroud of the Avatar launched release 34, Albion Online released its Elaine patch, HEX published three new signature decks, and on the planetary survival sandbox front, ROKH delayed its early access to next year, while Osiris: New Dawn swooped into early access and announced console launches for 2017.

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding this week and the roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on!

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Tabletop-styled Stash enters Steam early access

Following two successful Kickstarter campaigns, turn-based MMORPG Stash went silent for the better part of a year as Frogdice worked to shape the game. It resurfaced earlier this week on Steam, where Stash has launched its early access program.

According to the game description, “Stash is an MMO with turn-based grid combat, highly customizable housing, a tabletop art style, and more loot than you can fit in a portable hole.” Don’t take that last comment personally.

Stash is loosely based on Frogdice’s Threshold, a MUD that began its run back in 1996. Going along with its turn-based battle system is Stash’s tabletop aesthetic, where characters look and move like pieces on a board game. The early access client costs $15 and includes premium currency and unnamed bonus items.

Source: Steam


Path of Exile updates its new currency stash tab

Launched a few weeks ago, Path of Exile’s currency stash tab was intended to allow players to sort their myriad currencies into their stashes for the cost of 75 points ($7.50 US). This week, Grinding Gear Games has further refined the new feature.

“We’ve moved the Exalted Orb Position to prevent accidentally exalting your items during crafting. There’s now an item slot in the middle to make crafting easier!” says the studio. “We’ve also added five unassigned currency slots for items like Eternal Rhoa Coins and excesses of regular currency.”

The new patch will be retroactive for already purchased tabs. There’s a new walkthrough video too; we’ve included it below.

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Stash successfully completes its second Kickstarter campaign

Stash is proving that there might be no limits to how many crowdfunding campaigns a studio can run, as the tabletop-themed MMO successfully completed its second Kickstarter early this morning.

“BOOM! Flawless Victory. 4 for 4 on Kickstarter. THANK YOU EVERYONE! Gamers rule!” Lead Developer Michael Hartman tweeted.

This most recent Kickstarter campaign was created to allow fans one last chance to get in on backer rewards. It asked for only $1,000 in funds but ended up raising an additional $13,202 for the title.

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Stash combines tabletop gaming, infinite leveling, and turn-based combat

If you have been looking for an MMO that’s different in just about every way conceivable and draws upon nearly two decades of operating experience, then you might want to check out Stash.

Frogdice’s upcoming MMO is seeking to “re-imagine the genre and bring back the magic” by instituting a tabletop boardgame aesthetic, turn-based combat, no bind-on-pickup loot, procedurally generated content, infinite leveling, and fewer (but more meaningful) quests. Stash is somewhat based on the long-running MUD Threshold, which Frogdice has been operating since 1996.

Stash is currently wrapping up a second Kickstarter campaign that allows fans to get in on backing the project if they missed it the first time around. The game was greenlit on Steam, and you can check out its alpha trailer after the break!

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