Of course, sometimes you get away with a lot without calls of copyright infringement anyway.

Paladins has over five million players from beta testing

For all of its major system overhauls, Paladins appears to be doing something right. A new video on stats from the game's open...
Do I look like a patient cow?

World of Warcraft’s secondary stats are dropping in power; here’s why

Players who log on to World of Warcraft's 7.1.5 test realm will no doubt have already noticed that secondary stats just aren't what...

We still don’t really know how many people play The Elder Scrolls Online

How many players does The Elder Scrolls Online have? We don't know -- ZeniMax is coy about that. But we do have...
Ah, this was handled capably.

DC Universe Online is overhauling its stats completely

Stats are a big deal in MMOs. Those little numbers that we try to make go higher are a big part of what makes...
Mad skills.

The Daily Grind: How do you define good play in an MMO?

One of the buzzwords of the modern MMO space is games promising to reward player skill rather than gear. I understand the argument being...
Gothier than thou.

The Daily Grind: How important are MMORPG playerbase metrics to you?

While playing Overwatch with guildies the other night, my husband turned to me with a hypothetical. The guys were speculating on World...

Skyforge releases its one-year anniversary trailer

The anniversary event for Skyforge has been running for a little while and is scheduled to come to an end very soon on...
These are always the voyages.

Here are the stats on Star Trek Online’s Kelvin timeline ships

The Kelvin lockbox coming to Star Trek Online will allow players to bring over the ships of an alternate timeline into present conflicts....
I don't really know either.

The Daily Grind: How often do you have to look up information in your main MMO?

My wife was sitting behind me and leveling one of her alts in Final Fantasy XIV, looking for a particular enemy. "Where are...

EVE Evolved: Citadel stats revealed, theorycrafting begins

EVE Online's Citadel expansion is due to launch this spring, transforming the way many of us play the game through the introduction...
You guys are still here?

Destiny has 25 million registered users

The news from the most recent Activision financial report was not rosy for all online gaming fans, but it looks quite positive...
No longer.

FFXIV, SWTOR, and Guild Wars 2 fall in Raptr’s June rankings

Raptr has published its stats roundup for the month of June. It turns out that people are still playing games online. You can close your...

Why WildStar needs stat refactoring and which stats are on the way out

WildStar has a major stat rebalancing patch on the way -- in fact, it's so major that it needs a whole new term:...

Massively Overthinking: On the popularity of the MMORPG genre

This week's Massively Overthinking comes from Kickstarter donor Syllable, who wonders, "Why do you think MMOs are not as popular as they were few years...

Sword and Bored: Loot table

Mo becomes discouraged when he finds his recent loot acquisition unsuitable for his class.

RIFT players have clocked 45,817 years of gameplay

There's nothing like a good anniversary to brings out the infographic-making in developers, and so it is with RIFT's fourth birthday. Trion...

H1Z1’s Hizzy Awards showcase player achievements

Now that the Oscars are over, where will award show junkies go to get their fix? Never fear: Daybreak has you covered with...

MOBAs dominate Raptr’s January rankings as WoW playtime falls

According to a Raptr press release posted today, MOBA League of Legends dominated the service's January rankings with just under 20% of total...