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Inferna arrives to Steam Early Access today after a technical issue

Once more with feeling! Inferna has made its way to Steam Early Access today after an initial launch didn't pan out and a technical...

Creature survival sandbox Day of Dragons flaps its way into early access

Have you ever found yourself the khaleesi of an exotic nation and, somehow, misplaced your dragons? You could throw beautiful temper tantrums about it...

Inferna is a PvE-centered indie fantasy MMORPG headed to Steam Early Access on December 6

One more to the list, eh friends? Steam Early Access is going to be getting a fresh arrival for the MMO genre in the...

Multiplayer farming/dating sim Pumpkin Online releases as Pumpkin Days on Steam Early Access

Show of hands, who here remembers Pumpkin Online? It was announced on Kickstarter as a multiplayer farming/dating sim, but would later decide to switch...

Legends of Aria’s New Dawn revamp is now slated for December 5

Last night, Citadel Studios put a date on Legends of Aria's latest round of early access overhauling: December 5th. "We’ve been hard at work on...

Legends of Aria previews New Dawn’s episodic content and murder penalties

Just before Halloween, Legends of Aria's Citadel Studios announced some sweeping changes coming to the early access sandbox. After revamping its PvP system and...

Legends of Aria is going semi-free-to-play with sweeping New Dawn update

If you've been feeling a bit confused by all of Legends of Aria's recent changes, my friends, you are not alone. Back in August,...

Hellion launches out of early access unfinished and ends development

If you point your brain back at 2017, you'll recall that an ambitious survival sandbox called Hellion braved the Steam early access waters. Zero...

Survival MMO Stars End hits Steam early access with some Firefly flair

Hey, a new shiny! A very Firefly-esque shiny! We're talkin' 'bout Stars End here, a new sci-fi title with some space western flair, newly...

Pseudo-historical multiplayer RTS War Selection arrives free-to-play on Steam Early Access

If you're looking for some multiplayer RTS gaming in what looks like a sort of Civilization-esque setting with nods to human history, then you...

Multiplayer monster sandbox Day of Dragons just funded for over half a million dollars

Day of Dragons has gotten just a sliver of coverage here on Massively OP as it headlined a crowdfunding column, but today it's getting...

Trials of Ascension: Exile gets bought by a player who vows to continue development

If you were worried that your dreams of playing as a spider were in danger due to the rocky foundation that Trials of Ascension:...

Last Oasis delays early access again, this time to next year

There's something of a surfeit of survival sandbox MMOs out there, so making sure a game stands out certainly feels more important than ever....

Check out Cube World’s launch trailer as it officially hits closed beta on Steam

It's here, it's here - Cube World has officially hit closed beta on Steam! As we noted last week, the game's original developer resurfaced in...

Infinity: Battlescape posts one last Kickstarter update before its Steam Early Access release

It's been an exceedingly long time since we last heard from Infinity: Battlescape, the multiplayer combat-focused chunk of the original space sim MMO Infinity....

Perfect Ten: MMORPGs made by tiny teams

I don't really have to tell you this, but creating an MMORPG is a huge undertaking. These are some of the most complex games...

Legends of Aria tackles next major release, premium subscription, and community events

With Legends of Aria now well past its Steam early access launch, it's time for the developers to move forward with what's next....
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Gamescom 2019’s most interesting multiplayer announcements so far

Here's what we've got our eye on multiplayer-wise after the opening night of Gamescom this year - everything from Monster Hunter World Icebourne and Google Stadia missteps to multiplayer Kerbals and Swedish heavy metal rock bands.
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Legends of Aria explains the new professions system it launched with Steam early access

Still fresh off its Steam early access launch last week, Legends of Aria has posted a new dev blog all about the Professions system....

Legends of Aria hits Steam early access today with the PvP patch, a sale, and a free month of sub for loyalists

Legends of Aria's big day has arrived - or will when the gates open today around 3 p.m. EDT. A few weeks ago, Citadel Studios...