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SMITE community mourns the passing of a star Hi-Rez esports caster, halts league events

On Friday, Hi-Rez startled the SMITE community by abruptly postponing all of its esports events for the weekend, a move made more bizarre by...

Stewart Chisam will replace Erez Goren as CEO of SMITE company Hi-Rez Studios

Multiplayer online game company Hi-Rez Studios is seeing a leadership shuffle this week, as the man who's been CEO for 14 years is stepping...

Hi-Rez reorganizes SMITE, Paladins, and Realm Royale teams as newly renamed substudios

Hi-Rez Studios is making bold moves today: It's just announced that it's splitting up the band, unbundling its games teams into separate but joined...

Hi-Rez is basically maintenance-moding Hand of the Gods

Back in May, we covered the bizarre silence surrounding Hi-Rez's SMITE-infused free-to-play online card game Hand of the Gods. At the time, the information...
Someone keep me safe.

Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan explains Brigitte’s design, while Hi-Rez implies she’s a Paladins ripoff

If you're the analytical type, you probably started formulating a playstyle for Overwatch's upcoming hero Brigitte as soon as you read about her abilities...

SMITE has officially racked up 20,000,000 players

Mythology MOBA SMITE has now racked up 20,000,000 players -- that's according to Hi-Rez President Stewart Chisam, who announced the milestone on Twitter...

Hi-Rez announces $100K Paladins tourney

Paladins isn't officially launched yet, but Hi-Rez is already planning its competitive scene -- and its first tournament. On the official forums yesterday, Hi-Rez...

Tribes: Ascend’s first major patch since 2013 lands today

Back in August, Hi-Rez surprised disgruntled Tribes: Ascend fans by announcing that it would be resuming updates after years of maintenance mode. At the time,...
Do it anyway, but feel bad about it.

Hi-Rez Studios felt bad about abandoning Tribes: Ascend

Letting Tribes: Ascend lie untouched for a long while was a smart business decision for Hi-Rez Studios, but it wasn't one that the developers...

Hi-Rez really is working on Tribes: Ascend again

Shelve your snark, Hi-Rez detractors: It looks as if Tribes: Ascend isn't dead after all. Following rumors last week that suggested the studio might be turning...