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Stick and Rudder is MOP’s column on space and sci-fi MMOs like Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, and No Man’s Sky. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Stick and Rudder: Seven player-made Elite Dangerous tools that you should check out

Since beginning my Elite Dangerous journey, I’ve been impressed and delighted to find many community-supported tools available to aid Elite players in navigating the...

Stick and Rudder: Leader of Elite Dangerous ‘slavery’ racket espouses a ‘cult-like’ guild full of ‘chaos and evil’

Last week we reported on an effort by several players of Elite: Dangerous to dupe new players into a sort of indentured servitude by...

Stick and Rudder: Nine non-combat activities to enjoy in Elite Dangerous

I’m horrible at combat in Elite Dangerous. It took me several tries to get past the bot in the combat tutorial. Not the advanced...

Interview: CIG’s Jake Muehle on the player economy and doing crimes in the Star Citizen universe

We're zooming on toward CitizenCon tomorrow, when Cloud Imperium will deliver its annual live showcase of the state of Star Citizen - and drop...

Interview: Star Citizen’s Sean Tracy on the gameplay features of alpha 3.7, live today

Today marks another big installment for the alpha of Star Citizen. The 3.7 update should now be live for everyone as you read this,...

Stick and Rudder: The best bits of Star CitizenCon 2015

Wow, so, where to start with this week's Stick and Rudder? I guess I picked the wrong time for a vacation, and shame on...

Stick and Rudder: Star Citizen is starting to come together

Last Tuesday I woke in the wee hours of the morning to install Star Citizen's 1.2 patch. I wasn't battling insomnia or anything like that; on the...