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I am still proud of myself for this screenshot.

Star Trek Online announces Season 11: New Dawn

The war against the Iconians has been going on since Star Trek Online first launched, even though it hasn't always been immediately obvious. Season...

Star Trek Online’s lead writer departs Cryptic

If you've spent any time with Star Trek Online fans, then you'll know that there's a widespread appreciation for the game's deep and consistent...

Star Trek Online releases Broken Circle, fixes stuff

Cryptic released Star Trek Online's Broken Circle featured episode last week, featuring the ability to fight the Iconians as well as voiceovers from franchise veterans Aron...
But no playable Iconians. Yet.

Star Trek Online launches Season 10.5

Players in Star Trek Online are still knee-deep in the war against the Iconians, and the latest patch for the game highlights how the...

Star Trek Online starts selling puppy lockboxes

Quick, someone call the animal humane society because Star Trek Online is cramming innocent puppies into airtight boxes! This puppy abuse is part of STO's...

Star Trek Online releasing Broken Circle featured episode this Thursday

It's time for Star Trek Online captains to take the fight to the Iconians. The game has been building up to an epic confrontation...

The Game Archaeologist: The Sims Online

The Sims Online was one of the odder entrants into the MMO genre, an online iteration of an immensely popular game franchise that promised...

Star Trek Online details its upcoming fleet armadas

The latest Star Trek Online dev blog talks up the sci-fi MMO's forthcoming fleet armada system. Lead programmer Daniel Razza says that the improvements...

Fleet veteran heavy destroyers coming to Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online lead systems designer Phil Zeleski has penned a new dev blog concerning fleet veteran heavy destroyers. These tier six vessels will...
You can also play a spaceship.

Star Trek Online shows off upcoming Tier 6 Battlecruisers

You can upgrade older ships in Star Trek Online, but your upgraded Tier 5 Battlecruiser just isn't the same as a Tier 6 version...

The Game Archaeologist: Seven MMOs operating on borrowed time

Most everyone who knows me well will acknowledge that I'm not generally a cynical, dark person. I'm not rooting for games to fail, for...

Star Trek Online’s newest feature episode is live

Star Trek Online's newest feature episode awaits, according to an official tweet this morning that signified the end of the patch maintenance period. Cryptic...

One Shots: Bagpipes in the woods

I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of bagpipe music, although I do harbor a certain fascination for any musical instrument that looks...

Steam’s summer sale offers mad MMO deals [Updated Monday]

Prepare your wallets to go broke and your libraries to fill to the brim with games that you'll never have time to play, for...
Bugs are but a dream.

Star Trek Online is rolling out new Tier 6 Veteran ships

Lifetime and veteran subscribers for Star Trek Online have long had access to a special ship that shows off their elite status. Unfortunately, the...

The Daily Grind: Should mature MMOs consider crowdfunding?

Massively OP commenter The_Grand_Nagus recently pointed us to a conversation on the Star Trek Online forum where a Cryptic Studios employee discussed the studio's games' revenues...
Have a gay old time.

Star Trek Online’s Lohlunat Festival kicks off

Summer fun starts now in Star Trek Online, as the annual Lohlunat Festival kicks off for another year of flying around, riding powerboards, and...

Star Trek Online highlights summer events, addresses klesbiangate

Summer comes yet again, and while the distinction is kind of arbitrary in deep space, for those of us pretending to be in deep...
Can't we have this dramatic showdown in space?

Star Trek Online flame wars erupt over gay backdrop NPCs

The most recent featured episode for Star Trek Online stirred up some controversy because it's all about gay Klingons. By which we of course...
Which one of you is the Juno Reactor and which one is the Don Davis?

Massively Overthinking: When IPs are wasted on mediocre MMOs

This week's Massively Overthinking question comes to us from Kickstarter donor Aldranis, whose query neatly dovetails with the IP-related question we answered on the...