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Could an AI bot do a better job as a games company CEO than an actual human?

That headline's not an idle question: Chinese gaming company NetDragon decided to give it a try. Last August, NetDragon, which runs multiple MMOs including...

Odin Valhalla Rising’s Lionheart Studio retracts IPO listing plans over valuation issues and market fatigue

Earlier this month we reported on Odin: Valhalla Rising developer Lionheart Studio's plans to list its IPO on the Korean KOSDAQ stock exchange, which...

Diablo Immortal delays its launch in China, sending NetEase stock into freefall

It would appear that investors of the Chinese games giant NetEase were pinning a lot of hopes on Diablo Immortal's launch to China. The...

China now limits minors’ gaming time to three hours a week, indicates anti-monopoly policies are forthcoming

The Chinese government is introducing a significant crackdown on gaming for minors as state media has reported that children will only be allowed to...
Oh, great.

With some trading restrictions lifted, GameStop stock is taking off again

The GME train keeps on a rollin' here on Friday. As daytraders and retail stock-buyers have been organizing on Reddit to buy GameStop stock...
Oh, great.

The Reddit-driven GameStop stock spike isn’t going to end well

(We're continuing to update this piece on the latest at the end!) If I had told you last year that GameStop, the retail business that...

Leaderboard: Are you concerned about the health of the games market right now?

In the last couple of weeks, we've been posting what seems like an endless list of bad news from gaming companies insofar as their...

Korean prosecutors target former NCsoft VP for insider trading

Former NCsoft Vice President and Blade & Soul lead producer Bae Jae Hyu has landed in legal hot water thanks to an ongoing insider...

Blizzard joins S&P 500 stock market index

If it wasn't clear before now, Blizzard's debut on a stock index further goes to show that the game studio is one of the...