World of Warcraft is selling a divine puppy for the Year of the Dog

Such dog, very mount, many lunar new year, WoW. Yes, World of Warcraft has introduced a new mount for the Year of the Dog, and it is… a dog. It’s just a big old dog. Why is Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel available for purchase? Because you can get him over in the Chinese version of the game for buying a large amount of game time, and the rest of us want to be able to fly around on a good dog too.

Obviously, the dog in question can fly, because of course it can. It also features all of the usual elements of a cash shop mount, unlocking on all of your characters for one purchase price of $25. If this addresses a pressing need in your life to have a flying dog in the game, it’s available now; if you can’t understand why someone would drop $25 on a flying dog mount, feel free to mutter “heck” and move on.


PSA: Crowfall is retiring its current pledge packages on December 31

We can assure you with absolute certainty that after the end of this year, Crowfall will still be willing to take your money. But we can also assure you with absolute certainty that it will no longer reward your money after the end of the year with the game’s current pledge packages, which are being retired on December 31st. So if you want to give the developers money for these specific things? You should do that sooner rather than later.

Of course, lots of additional things are going to be happening with Crowfall next year, so if there’s a package that you’ve been eyeing, the case could be made that it’s a smart investment. Or you could just hold off until next year rolls around. Just don’t ask where the pledge packages went on January 1st; you’ve been warned.

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Chronicles of Elyria begins selling individual perks, shows character customization

No longer will you have to pay a large lump sum for bundles just to gain certain perks in Chronicles of Elyria. If you have your sight set on only one or two extras, Soulbound Studio is now happy to accept your money in exchange for a la carte items.

The studio began selling individual rewards on the 1st, allowing players to buy into testing phases, pick up mounts and pets, and even get their name inscribed on tombstones around the game world. The last item, by the way, will result in a donation being made for the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

It’s not just cash shop sales this fall, however. Soulbound Studio recently showed off some of the character creation options that its using for both the MMO and its visual MUD predecessor.

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Crowfall locks up EU store credit

An unexpected snag in Crowfall’s digital store is prompting ArtCraft to make some changes to its European operations.

“An interesting side-effect of having an official ‘presence’ in Europe is that we can no longer allow people to have in store ‘credit’ in real-world currency.  (EU laws don’t allow you to hold on to real-world currency unless you are a bank!),” ArtCraft explained. “Only those who (1) live in Europe, and (2) have stored credit on their account will be affected.”

For the time being, ArtCraft is freezing the influx and use of EU store credit. The studio said that it can’t offer refunds, as most of the credit wasn’t purchased with real-world currency. The credit will be converted to an in-game currency at a future date that can be used to purchase store items. ArtCraft said that details about this currency and the conversion rate will be revealed in the future.

Source: Crowfall


Funcom opens new store to sell Secret World merch

A while back, Funcom fans were able to purchase The Secret World t-shirts and posters through Welovefine. While that storefront has long gone defunct, the good news is that the studio has created a new store to sell merch from TSW and other Funcom titles.

The Funcom Store doesn’t have the posters that used to be available, but there are plenty of other options to make up for it. Fans can purchase 3-D printed figurines (including Anarchy Online’s leet and Hide and Shriek’s screaming skull), phone covers, and a variety of t-shirts.

Of course, if you’re in the market for a new t-shirt, might we recommend a sharp-looking Massively Overpowered tee? It’s perfect for any business meeting or casual funeral get-together.

Source: Funcom Store. Thanks Daniel!


Chronicles of Elyria is launching its web store in early October

If you missed out on Chronicles of Elyria’s Kickstarter but wanted to take part, you’ll have a second chance. The game is launching its online store on October 3rd, and for the first month it will be offering the exact same packages that were offered in the Kickstarter. That means that you can toss in some money and get the same stuff as backers, with the exception of the various early bird specials for funding (those are all filled up anyway).

Funds raised in the store will still go toward stretch goals for the first month of operation, while subsequent sales will go to hiring more staff members and other development-related expenses. Certain tiers will also be server-specific due to limited titles available within a given realm. Behind the scenes, work on hiring and concept design has been continuing, which you can read all about in the official update.

Source: Kickstarter


Champions Online welcomes twin sidekicks

Two sidekicks for the price of one? What a deal! What a revelation! What a savings!

Well, that’s enough first-paragraph excitement for the day. Let us calm down to look at the latest addition to Champions Online. The superhero MMO has added a new set of permanent sidekicks that can be purchased on the store: Rin and Shizuko.

“Trained respectively in the secret Kage Temple in Japan and the Bureau 17 training facilities, these gifted sisters have come together to help the heroes of Millennium City save the day,” Cryptic posted. “When you purchase this permanent sidekick, you will also receive the bat-scythe costume, the Harajuku heavy machine gun costume, and the waist bag costume.”


Darkfall: New Dawn opens its store

Darkfall: New Dawn isn’t wasting any time setting up a revenue stream to tap players flocking to this reboot. The new web store, which is currently in testing and only offers some functionality, is selling different packages of the core game and subscription months.

It’s probably a good idea to get the store going, as the game will soon switch from a public preview to buyers-only on July 25th.

“After the 25th, Darkfall: New Dawn will enter its InDev period, which is a temporary ‘seasonal’ server with a tiered reward system and a kickstart of the political meta game,” the team said. “This server gets its name because it will be a relaunch of a mostly vanilla version of Darkfall, but in heavy development.”

Source: New Dawn


Warcraft has become the most successful film adaptation of a video game

The strength of its success at the Chinese box office has led Warcraft to be the single most successful video game adaptation film to date, with its current worldwide totals passing $377 million. That’s largely due to its success in China, which has earned the movie over $200 million by itself; its domestic take has fallen considerably on its second weekend in theaters after an already weak domestic opening.

Director Duncan Jones has confirmed that he would love to return for a sequel if possible:

Jones’ statements are indicative of the gap remaining between the film’s current take and the money spent on marketing and other concerns in addition to the budget. While the film’s listed budget is $160 million, speculation has held that the film would need to earn about $450 million to break even, which would require the film to pick up significant steam internationally.


Dungeons and Dragons Online tech woes continue a month after datacenter move

Cast your mind back to the long-ago era of “early March 2016,” during which Turbine moved Dungeons and Dragons Online to a new datacenter. Instead of much rejoicing over the upgrade, the move triggered bouts of severe lag for some of the game’s players.

Over a month later and seemingly little has improved. The situation has even worsened, as players are reporting that even opening up the store in DDO causes the game to crash. All of this is exacerbated by a perceived lack of communication from the studio, which has prompted the community to issue a plea for an official dialogue about the issues.

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Elite: Dangerous changes how Horizons is sold, discusses patch 2.1’s focus

Are you confused about the process of upgrading from Elite: Dangerous to the Horizons expansion? Do you find it frustrating and unclear? Have you screamed “there’s got to be a better way” at the computer, informercial-style? The folks at Frontier Developers apparently think that’s the case, and thus have changed the retail setup significantly, with Horizons now serving as a season pass-style DLC purchase rather than an entirely separate entity. You’ll also get a gold Asp Explorer paint job if you already have the full version of the game.

Of course, if you already have the full version of the game, you’re probably far more interested in what’s going on with patch 2.1. A separate post addresses the changes coming with the patch while outlining the focus on making missions more meaningful. Players can look forward to a greater degree of interaction with the mission contacts for minor factions, with contacts that remember their dealings with players from the past as well as changing their reactions based on those past dealings. So you might not be able to buy into the game more easily, but you’re still getting a more positive experience.

Source: Pricing/retail changes, Development update; thanks to Cotic for the tip!


Pay for your Hobbit’s needs in LOTRO with Subway gift cards

A revised Lord of the Rings Online cash shop is coming soon to the game with many improvements, not the least of which will be the option to pay for virtual Middle-earth accessories with (we kid you not) a Subway gift card.

Additional payment options are only a small part of the store’s expansion. The store’s revamp includes a completely new layout with faster speed and improved functionality, the option to resize the frame, a specials section to highlight various promotions, and the ability to turn off confirmation dialogue.

When the game transitions to the new store, old bookmarks will be lost along with payment information for non-VIP members.

Source: LOTRO


Crowfall’s store is (partly) up and running

You have not played enough of Crowfall to form an opinion on how it plays. You haven’t. It isn’t playable yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start buying in-game goodies to have when you finally can play the game, right? Yes, the game’s store is live on the official website, with plenty of options for future players to drop some cash and get cosmetic stuff whenever the game can actually be played.

Before you start rioting in protest, it’s important to note that the store is more “present” than “omnipresent” at this point; there are several categories simply marked as “coming soon” with no entries listed, and the only part that’s really working according to design at a glance are the bundles. Whether or not the ability to buy things sight unseen for the game is a good way of supporting its further development or a naked pre-emptive cash grab is left as an exercise for the reader.

[Source: Crowfall store]