Warframe of Mind: The story of Space Mom and The Second Dream

When I first started playing Warframe, I definitely wasn't in it for the story. Was there story? Initially, no. There were only crumbs of...
Build a little dark-house in your soul.

‘Throne war’ MMO Crowfall explains the art of its visual storytelling

Most of the active storytelling you're going to get in Crowfall is going to be done and explained by the premise of the game itself;...
But seriously, what's Damien's deal this week?

Saturday Night Live takes a jab at The Division 2’s love of talking at you

Sometimes you just can't get an NPC to shut up in a video game. Sometimes you can't get multiple NPCs to shut up. And...
Have a little empire. As a treat.

Final Fantasy XIV updates its official preview site for the release of patch 4.56

The hour fast approaches to conclude the Stormblood story and lead into Shadowbringers in Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately for fans eagerly awaiting this conclusion, that hour does...
tappa tappa tappa

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s creative director talks about the characters of Jedi Under Siege

The latest update for Star Wars: The Old Republic brought a lot of characters around. It brought major characters back, it brought new characters into...
There are no spoilers in this image.

Guild Wars 2 developers discuss the big dramatic ending of the latest Living World episode

Who likes big surprises in video game stories? All right, now who likes having those big dramatic moments spoiled ahead of time? If the...
What the snafu.

Blizzard talks up ‘meaningful choices’ in World of Warcraft’s story

Did you still have any hopes about the story of World of Warcraft in this expansion? Did you think the writers would somehow pull...
What are we even doing here?

Wisdom of Nym: How we missed storyline overload in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

One of the things that I mentioned back when I was reviewing Heavensward in its totality was that for all the praise I give...
If you doubted this before, well, don't.

Final Fantasy XIV previews the second volume of its lore guide

There's a lot of lore going on behind the scenes of Final Fantasy XIV. A lot of it is up-front with quests and dungeons,...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR, a roleplay community divided

Much praise and hatred have been tossed at Star Wars: The Old Republic for its decision to focus more heavily on the single-player aspects...
Nothing else has worked.

WoW Factor: There’s no fixing this Battle for Azeroth story

Let's be totally clear about something: There is no twist waiting for this World of Warcraft story. It doesn't exist. There's no way that...
This went over great.

World of Warcraft fans are not happy with the latest story developments, some try to cope through harassment

So yesterday's latest bit of story in World of Warcraft did not, in fact, delight and amaze fans. Quite the opposite. Reactions on the...
Not pictured: Rabbits. We don't know what they'll look like yet.

Wisdom of Nym: Some story breakdown from Final Fantasy XIV’s latest patch

I had said before patch 4.3 came out that we were going to learn a fair bit about the future direction of Final Fantasy...
This world is strange.

Warframe teases new story content by way of a recommended quest guide

The story of Warframe is always there, but it has lain fallow for some time now. The developers have had other things to focus...
Not happening.

Saga of Lucimia argues GM events should be mandatory in MMOs, not an ‘optional service’

A few months ago, we ran a Leaderboard poll asking players what kind of live studio-led events they want out of MMORPGs. By way...

Overwatch posts an in-universe letter hinting at its next hero

So, who's the next hero for Overwatch? We don't know yet, but there's plenty of room for speculation... and there's a little more food...

Star Wars: The Old Republic is holding a Thursday livestream with author Timothy Zahn

Timothy Zahn is kind of a big deal for Star Wars fiction. Yes, he helped develop the most recent bit of Star Wars: The...
This is fine.

The Orochi Tower has arrived in Secret World Legends

The release of the Orochi Tower in Secret World Legends is a big deal for several reasons. For one thing, it wraps up the...

Secret World Legends recaps Orochi Tower, plots upcoming adjustments

The Orochi Tower is where the story of Tokyo ends in Secret World Legends, a familiar fact to anyone who has played through this...
We all fly up here.

Star Trek Online lets you work miracles with Season 14

The next major patch for Star Trek Online is here today, and as the game frequently does, it kicks off with a new featured...