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Blizzard announces Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a new strategy game for mobile devices

Had you forgotten that today was the reveal of Blizzard's upcoming Warcraft mobile game? Well it's here now. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is its name, and strategic...

One More Game unveils its ‘real-time tactics’ multiplayer title Spellcraft, starts registration for alpha preview

Over the past couple of years, we've been following the development of One More Game, a studio founded in fall 2019 by former ArenaNet...

Mobile 4X strategy MMO Star Trek Fleet Command makes its debut on PC today

Did you know that there's a massively multiplayer 4X strategy game based in the Star Trek universe? Perhaps it's because you're one of those...

Not So Massively: Imagining a true MMORTS

MMOs and RTS are two of the genres of game I play the most. Given that, you'd think I'd be a big fan of...

Gameforge’s Ultimate Pirates issues a letter of marquee to all gamers

Dead men may tell no tales, but Gameforge is alive and trumpeting the release of its newest multiplayer online pirate title. Today, the company...

Sci-fi strategy MMORPG Destiny’s Sword is seeking $22K on Kickstarter

We've been covering Destiny's Sword for over a year now, since we first took a curious peek back at GDC 2018 and followed it...

Conan Unconquered delves into co-op mechanics, announces challenge mode feature in new video

Funcom's upcoming barbarian-based RTS Conan Unconquered is just over a week from release, when it will give players the opportunity to enter the world...

Age of Empires Online lives on in the Project Celeste player-run emulator

'Tis the season for player-run servers, right? And we've got another for you to take a peek at: It's for Age of Empires Online,...

Conqueror’s Blade plans early access, promotes founder packs for beta

You'd be forgiven for having forgotten about Conqueror's Blade, both because it's been in development for years and because it's a bit outside the...

EVE Evolved: The strategy and narrative of EVE’s revenge war

At the start of this month, we reported on a massive new war that was kicking off in the north of EVE Online. The...
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The Daily Grind: Do you prefer safe strategies or fast strategies in MMOs?

There's an interesting discussion which pops up on the Final Fantasy XIV Reddit from time to time regarding the differences between American and Japanese...

EVE Evolved: What else is coming to EVE Online in November?

Recently I've been looking at how EVE Online will be affected by the introduction of free-to-play "alpha clone" accounts in its upcoming November expansion, but there's a...

Space Wars takes turn-based strategy into early access this December

On the podcast this week, one listener asked us if we could recommend -- or even think of -- any modern turn-based MMOs. Naturally,...

Snag an Empire: Revenant gift bundle key from AMZgame and MOP

Free-to-play, turn-based strategy MMO Empire: Revenant is kicking off its open beta soft-launch today. The game boasts both PvE and PvP battles, guild-vs.-guild warfare,...

EVE Online war update: The Imperium loses its territory

Last month we brought you several war reports from the massive EVE Online conflict that's come to be known as World War Bee. After years of...

EVE Online World War Bee update: The Imperium shatters

Recently we've been following the story of the biggest war in gaming history kicking off inside EVE Online and its far-reaching consequences for the EVE...

Grab an Erectus the Game key from Maata Games and MOP

Maata Games opened the closed beta gates for its "strategy focused empire builder MMO" called Erectus the Game yesterday. Get your giggles over with...

MMOTBS Pox Nora launches Spirits Beyond, its 28th expansion

Born in 2006, online tactical turn-based strategy game (wheeee) Pox Nora is today releasing its 28th expansion, called Spirits Beyond. "Spirits Beyond adds 51 all new...
Nothing can ever stay the same.

Heroes of the Storm’s Lost Cavern is a straight-up one-lane slugfest

One of the big things that makes Heroes of the Storm distinct in its genre is the fact that every single map has a...

New Civilization Online vids show character customization and gameplay

A pair of Civilization Online videos were spotted in the wild this week, and by wild I mean on YouTube. Don't feel bad if you...