The Daily Grind: What sort of MMO streams do you like?

First of all, yes, obviously your answer to that question is the excellent work that our own Stream Team does on a regular basis...

The best Massively OP streams of 2021

Massively OP's Stream Team had a most unusual 2021, as Mother Nature took a bite out of MOP's MJ's house - and her streaming...

The best Massively OP streams of 2020

Massively OP's Stream Team charged through 2020, with MJ keeping everyone entertained through the pandemic along with her faithful crew of readers and watchers...

Mixer is toast as Microsoft transitions its community to Facebook Gaming

So... the streaming industry is on fire. Earlier today, Microsoft announced that it's effectively ending Mixer's run as a streaming platform on July 22nd, diverting...

The Stream Team: A brief Star Citizen road trip

Before the votes for Choose My Adventure are tallied, MassivelyOP's Chris & MJ are going to take a moment to hop into a pretty...

Ashes of Creation temporarily drops alpha NDA, allow streamers to broadcast live footage

Saturday night, the folks at Intrepid Studios lifted the NDA on the Ashes of Creation alpha for a few hours, allowing streamers to broadcast...

The Elder Scrolls Online tours Murkmire, announces new ESO Plus benefits

The Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up to release its newest DLC, Murkmire, which will add the eponymous Argonian territory to ZeniMax's popular MMO....
Of course, the really ideal situation would be if some people could find a different hobby.

Twitch adds AutoMod system to stop nasty comments before they post

Streaming stuff can be pretty darn cool. We're fond of our own streams, just by way of example. But no one likes having stream...

The best Massively OP MMORPG streams of 2015

The number of games our wee little Stream Team covers in the span of a year is staggering. If you ever wanted to know...

The Stream Team: Hanging out at Hadir Farm in ArcheAge

MassivelyOP's MJ has done many things in ArcheAge, but one thing she's never experienced is the Hadir Farm dungeon. In fact, none of the...

The Stream Team: Teaming up for The Secret World’s amusement park

There's much to love about The Secret World, as MassivelyOP's MJ and Justin will both tell you. But why settle for just telling when...

The Stream Team: EverQuest Two-sday returns

Too many Tuesdays have gone by without some EverQuest Two-sday adventures, a situation MassivelyOP's MJ aims to fix right now! Tonight she dives back...