Subscription MMOs are generally those that restrict play to gamers who pay an ongoing fee, usually monthly, though shorter and longer subscriptions, as well as lifetime subs, do exist. Some free-to-play and buy-to-play games also include optional subscriptions.

Final Fantasy XIV will give screenshotters improved tools in Patch 3.2

You may not know this, but apparently there is a so-called "Screenshot Alliance" of Final Fantasy XIV developers who work behind the scenes...
Guess who's back. Back again.

Perfect Ten: What you need to know before you play an older MMORPG

I cut my teeth on MMOs with the launch of Final Fantasy XI in America. My roommate in college was interested in the...
Yes, money.

Here’s the lowdown on Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.2

The next Final Fantasy XIV patch is dropping next week, but you won't have to wait until Tuesday to see the changes being...

Camelot Unchained is getting a lighting-centric facelift

City State Entertainment has announced a major visual upgrade for Camelot Unchained. In a new letter to backers today, CSE Co-Founder and Technical Director...
Let's war ov

Exclusive: Crowfall’s world building pipeline video and interview

Are you a fan of Tetris but wish it were more free-form and connected to an MMO's world building tool kit? Yeah, neither am I,...

RuneScape’s big 2016 plans include an expansion and graphics upgrade

RuneScape has a lot of years under its belt, and a lot of content under its hood. In fact, it's 15 for the...

Jukebox Heroes: Six forgettable MMOs with unforgettable soundtracks

I have often thought it grossly unfair that a video game soundtrack is linked, for better and for worse, with the popularity of the...

FFXIV’s Feast arenas are a klepto’s dream

If you need to combine vices to get your jollies, then Final Fantasy XIV might have just the thing. When the game's new...

NCsoft’s Master X Master’s ‘global’ test due to begin soon

NCsoft has announced that the first global test for its upcoming franchise-blending MOBA Master X Master is on the way. Curiously, the...

World of Warcraft: Legion has higher system requirements than previous expansions

If you've been assuming that World of Warcraft: Legion will run just fine on your current machine, you might want to take...
Look at me!

Final Fantasy XIV previews changes coming to group pose functionality

Getting a screenshot right is serious business. Final Fantasy XIV added its group pose functionality in patch 3.1 to make it that much...

New Humble Bundle includes deals on WildStar, Neverwinter, Path of Exile, and more

A new Humble Bundle promotion might just be the best deal you're going to see all year on MMOs. The "Humble Gamepedia Online...
All balance is relative! But this is definitely unbalanced.

Yoshida on the future of PvP in Final Fantasy XIV

The next Final Fantasy XIV patch will not contain the new PvP mode of The Feast; that's due to be implemented a bit...
I need healing.

Wisdom of Nym: Aspects of Final Fantasy XIV that could use expansion before the next expansion

I'm excited about the upcoming Hall of the Novice feature in Final Fantasy XIV's next patch. Yes, admittedly, part of this is because...
Camelot Unpretty.

Camelot Unchained updates fans on the state of its testing

It's sometimes unsettling when a game's developers go silent for a bit, just because fans don't have any way of knowing what's going on....

EVE player uses $28,000 of skill injectors to create max character

We recently brought you the story of EVE Online player Stromgren who had bought almost $7,000 worth of skill injectors to become the...

The MOP Up: Anarchy Online opens its Reck room (February 14, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Watch a run-through of WoW: Legion’s Maw of Souls dungeon

When World of Warcraft: Legion arrives some time this summer, players will be able to jump into nine brand-new five-man dungeons. So...

One Shots: Hard tack and bottomless grog

This week marks a small change-up in how we do things here at One Shots. Prompted by a suggestion from one of our...

Massively OP’s guide to MMO podcasts

Podcasts are certainly splendid means of feeding one's MMO interests and keeping in touch with the news and community. It's always great to hear...