Subscription MMOs are generally those that restrict play to gamers who pay an ongoing fee, usually monthly, though shorter and longer subscriptions, as well as lifetime subs, do exist. Some free-to-play and buy-to-play games also include optional subscriptions.

You can’t see the new Warcraft trailer, but you can read about it

Last week's San Diego Comic Con was of great interest to World of Warcraft fans, as Director Duncan Jones led a panel of the...

Pathfinder Online starts Wrath of Nhur Athemon event

Just because Pathfinder Online is still in the early access phase doesn't mean that it can't throw an event or two into the mix. In...

Hearthstone drops more possible Argent Tournament clues

Oh Hearthstone, you tease you! After delivering an announcement about an upcoming announcement, Blizzard posted a cryptic short story on the game's website that...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s expansion endgame, three weeks in

As of this writing, I haven't yet cleared Alexander. I've had other things to do, and while it might mean I'm ultimately one week...
Here we continue.

Final Fantasy XI previews the second part of its final story

The next version update for Final Fantasy XI doesn't bring the end, but it does bring the continuation of the end. The second chapter...

EVE Evolved: It’s never too late to start playing EVE

Any time an in-depth discussion pops up about EVE Online, it's never long before someone pipes up with the complaint that new players just...

One Shots: Blinded with science

Skyforge is becoming a hot property for bored summer gamers looking for something new to explore. Reader Tyler reports in from the recent closed...
Great old.

The Daily Grind: What do you do when you ‘finish’ your main MMO goals?

There's a sense of satisfaction when you wrap up a big set of goals. You're downed the last boss of the last raid tier...

The Game Archaeologist: The Sims Online

The Sims Online was one of the odder entrants into the MMO genre, an online iteration of an immensely popular game franchise that promised...

World of Warcraft timewalks to the Halls of Lightning and reveals SDCC goodies

If nothing else, the timewalking dungeons in World of Warcraft have proven a great opportunity to look back at dungeons that you may have...

Camelot Unchained crammed a bunch of people into a zone and it went pretty well

Camelot Unchained's Mark Jacobs returns with the game's latest Friday update. He says that it's a short one on account of a monster update...
Oh boy, not ready.

WoW Factor: Draenor’s imminent content drought

We know that Hellfire Citadel is going to be the last raid in World of Warcraft's current expansion. We know that the expansion wasn't...

Perfect Ten: Ten lessons I learned as an MMO healer

Back in my World of Warcraft and RIFT days, I spent an awful lot of time in dungeon runs as a healer. I even...
Gotta fly these things somehwere, guys.

Take a look at the Warcraft movie scenery VR-style

Do you want to properly simulate the feeling of flying through World of Warcraft on the back of a gryphon? There's an app for...

Blizzard, Snail Games are part of a Russian nesting doll-type lawsuit

Blizzard. Lawsuit. The World of Warcraft studio seems to be constantly dealing with some legal action or another. But now it may have gotten...

Be an Antman in The Hammers End

Antmen are hot properties this July, or so we heard. Alas, there are not many places that you can explore what life would be...

EVE Online previews upcoming nullsec and sovereignty changes

The world of EVE Online's nullsec is changing. It's not getting any safer, no, but the nature of the dangers you face therein are...

Massively Opinionated: Which MMO payment model is the best?

In this special podcastish episode, Larry, Justin, MJ, and Bree debate genre definitions, business models, and building the perfect MMO.
A dark heart of nonsense.

World of Warcraft walks through time to Gundrak

The current expansion for World of Warcraft takes place on a world where there are no trolls, which means that it's unlikely we'll get...

The Daily Grind: What keeps you from crafting in MMOs?

To this day, I've really only been a "crafter" in a small handful of MMOs: Fallen Earth, World of Warcraft, and Lord of the...