summer festival

Lord of the Rings Online’s merged Farmer’s Faire and Summer Festival are live today

With the addition of the Midsummer Festival a little while back, Lord of the Rings Online's summer season got more than a little full...

The Stream Team: Soaking up some Lord of the Rings summer festival

Is there a festival going on in LOTRO? Is there ever not? Massively OP's MJ is heading in to soak up some summer fun...

The Stream Team: Sun and fun in LOTRO’s summer festival

It has been... well, almost a fortnight since LOTRO's last festival, so it's obviously time for another! The summer festival has begun, and Massively...

Lord of the Rings Online plans a ‘perfect picnic’ with this week’s summer festival

Lord of the Rings Online's summer festival is coming back on June 28th, and this year the event has a couple of exciting surprises...

LOTRO brings back summer festival for a reprise, talks about getting a ‘breather’ from Mordor’s gloom

Missed Lord of the Rings Online's summer festival the first time around? Have a few quests left to do or some extra tokens to...

TERA launches the Dragonsire’s Revenge and Summer Festival today

Ready to face a very large and very angry dragon? The bright side is that he's not really angry at you, specifically; the down...

LOTRO kicks off summer festival, talks Mordor class balance and testing

Break out the beer kegs and fishing poles, Lord of the Rings Online's summer festival is back! The festival, which will run through July...

Lord of the Rings Online has ‘big’ plans for Mordor

Hold fast to hope, Lord of the Rings Online players, for Turbine has not forgotten about you. Following a revelation that a possible expansion...

RIFT’s Summer Solstice patch is here

Fire up the grill and roast some weenies: RIFT's 3.7 update has arrived. Today's Summer Solstice patch contains quite a lot for players to do and...

Neverwinter’s summer festival returns with more flair

Sitting around your house, bored and sweaty this summer? Don't whine to us, especially after we tell you that Neverwinter has the cure for...

LotRO’s Weatherstock and summer festival return this week

Lord of the Rings Online fans are in for a busy weekend. Turbine has dusted off the game's summer festival, which is ongoing through...