EverQuest II’s first annual Summer Jubilee merges three summertime events into one seasonal soiree

If you enjoy EverQuest II's summer events, then you'll probably be a fan of the game's new annual Summer Jubilee, which will combine Tinkerfest,...

PixARK’s summer update introduces new subspecies and a sporty motorboat

Summer fun has arrived in the voxelated world of PixARK, whose latest patch introduced a slew of new aquatic subspecies and swanky seasonal outfits....
Play it cool, boy, real cool.

Blade & Soul launches a frozen event dungeon to keep you cool for the summer

If you want to stay cool in Blade and Soul for the summer, you're going to have to get cool. The summer event that's...

Bless Online: Server merges, compensation, and ‘summer camp’ with daily rewards

Bless Online's planned western server merges are live as of today as 15 servers merge down to four, two per region. Neowiz has compensation...

EVE Evolved: Hints of EVE Online’s summer update

The EVE Online community was a little surprised this week by what appeared to be the accidental early reveal of the feature list for this summer's...

Giveaway: Das Tal summer alpha keys from Fairytale Distillery and MOP [Over now!]

Indie sandbox Das Tal's summer alpha kicks off tomorrow morning on July 16th. Fairytale Distillery plans to cut the rope on the servers at...

Giveaway: Grab a summer god skin key from SMITE and MOP! (All gone!)

SMITE is in the midst of its huge summer 2016 promotion, with a mid-season patch just behind it and a Mac launch to boot. Among...

Grab an Asta, ELOA, Rappelz, Mu Online, Flyff, or C9 gift code in Webzen’s summer giveaway

Webzen is back with another huge giveaway on MOP, this one in celebration of summer across its multiple MMOs. The company has granted us...

Heroes of the Storm announces Spring Global Championship

The past few years have seen MOBAs take over the competitive gaming landscape, with just a handful of games managing to attract millions of...

EVE Evolved: Building your own empire

When CCP announced its far-reaching plans to overhaul EVE Online's territorial warfare gameplay, players were cautiously optimistic but understandably guarded. EVE's old sovereignty system...