Gamigo is sunsetting classic Defiance – on the Xbox 360 – next month

Ever since the Trion Worlds buyout by Gamigo back in 2018, we've been holding our breath just waiting for Gamigo to slowly cut...

Cartoon Network successfully shut down FusionFall’s rogue servers

Do you remember FusionFall? It was Cartoon Network's attempt at making its own kid-friendly MMO, operating between 2009 and 2013; we took

NCsoft is already sunsetting its Aion: Legions of War mobile MMO

It's been a good half a year since we covered Aion: Legions of War, the mobile MMO spun-off from the Aion franchise,...

Popular Chinese MMO JX3 Online will close in Taiwan following COVID-19 protest

This article needs a quick bit of backstory: Chinese doctor Li Wenliang was one of the first whistleblowers for the current COVID-19 epidemic; he...

Kickstarted MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria halts development, lays off all employees

Since its splashy and successful Kickstarter run back in 2016 that raised $1.36 million from MMO gamers, Chronicles of Elyria developed a...
Leaf it up.

Nexon is sunsetting MapleStory 2 after less than two years online

Ah damn, we really didn't need more bad news right about now. But it's here all the same: Nexon officially announced this afternoon...
Well... cool.

Rend’s music won the 2019 IFMCA Award for a video game score despite sunset

The world can be a weird place. Rend has won the 2019 International Film Music Critics Association award for Best Original Score for...
Twish, Spir I

Spiritwish is shutting down in South Korea on April 1

Well, this is probably not a great sign for a game that just had an update in its localized form. It wouldn't be exactly a...

CCP confirms the death of Project Nova, will keep future games quiet until closer to ready

Yesterday, as part of our coverage of Pearl Abyss' Q4 2019 financial report, we broke the sad news that CCP Games' Project...

Online tactical CCG Duelyst is officially shutting down in February

There will soon be one less online CCG for people to enjoy as of February with the official closure of Bandai Namco's

Following studio layoffs, Frostkeep is sunsetting Rend in one week

Earlier this month, we reported on layoffs of unknown size at Rend developer Frostkeep Studios. Now, the studio has admitted that it'll...

Guardians of Ember is sunsetting once again as Gameforge and Runewaker drop contract

Do you folks remember a few years ago when Guardians of Ember launched? It was an isometric hack-and-slash MMO built by Runewaker (you...

MacOS Catalina forces SMITE to end support for Mac players with Season 7

Anyone reading this who plays SMITE on a Mac, listen up: The arrival of Season 7 is going to spell the end of...

The Daily Grind: What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2019?

It wasn't a great year. We'll do our annual run-down of all the sunsetted MMORPGs of the year later on this month, but we're...
This is my Surprised Face.

Daybreak is shutting PlanetSide Arena down in January 2020

Fans of PlanetSide Arena will want to get their last fun in with the title over the next month, as Daybreak Executive Producer...

Dang, Astellia Online is sunsetting in its native South Korea

Well, this is not a good sign: Nexon announced last night that it's closing Astellia Online in its native South Korea. If...

Browser-based strategy MMO AD2460 will sunset on March 1

While I personally have never even heard of AD2460 before in spite of our covering it, it's always a sad time when you...
A dragon's dog, Ma.

Dragon’s Dogma Online has officially closed down

It has indeed happened; Dragon's Dogma Online, the even more obscure MMO spinoff based on the already obscure RPG from Capcom, has...

Bethesda’s MMOTCG Elder Scrolls Legends is destined for maintenance mode

Bad news for fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise card battler Elder Scrolls Legends: Bethsoft announced today that it's effectively putting the game...

Battleborn is shutting down for good in January 2021

It's been about two years since Battleborn stopped receiving any updates, but at least it's still operational and playable. But not for all...