Survival shooter DEATHGARDEN announces its shutdown and goes free-to-play in the meantime

All things must die. It is the way of nature and underperforming multiplayer shooters. So it is with DEATHGARDEN, the multiplayer survival shooter/battle...
This is what it looks like.

Nexon has officially cancelled Dragon Hound

Oh no! Not Dragon Hound! Anything but Dragon Hound! Remember how promising Dragon Hound looked? No, you probably do not even remember that Dragon Hound existed at...

Beloved SoulWorker rogue server Burning SoulWorker has sunsetted

For the past two years, a rogue server of SoulWorker known as Burning SoulWorker was operating under the stewardship of one individual called...

Nexon is sunsetting mobile survival MMO Durango Wild Lands already

Welp, that didn't last long: Nexon announced last night that it's sunsetting Durango Wild Lands, a mobile survival MMO that kicked around in...
Well, this isn't ideal.

MMO Business Roundup: Nexon drops Tree of Savior, plus DUNE hires and Pearl Abyss’ new HQ

Nexon's let go yet another MMO from its publishing stable. According to MMO Culture, Nexon has announced that it's closing down its Japanese server...

Paladins is shutting down in China on November 30

Publisher Tencent has come to an amicable decision with Hi-Rez Studios to shut down Paladins in China. The decision comes roughly three years...

Bless Online has officially sunsetted – RIP, Bless

Back in June, Neowiz announced the sad news that Bless Online's western version on Steam - the last version left alive - was...

Fallen Earth is going offline indefinitely (but hope remains for a reboot)

Fallen Earth's 10th anniversary event is about to become the post-apocalyptic MMORPG's last hurrah - at least for now. Little Orbit announced on...

The Daily Grind: What MMO do you not play but would still miss if it were gone?

I don't play RIFT. I never had, and on the occasions when I have it's kind of just not been my thing. But I...

Internet spaceship roguelike MMO Lazarus is shutting down

We have a soft spot for plucky indie MMOs like Lazarus, and have been tracking its development since its inception. Described in...

Alpha MMO battle royale Mavericks has been canceled as its company enters bankruptcy

Mavericks is toast, I'm sorry to report this morning. GIbiz caught a notice posted on the website of the game's company, UK-based...

Ubisoft’s Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is resurrected — as a mobile game

Back in 2016, Ubisoft's The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot finished a somewhat lackluster two-year run... and that was that. Or so...
Probably more friendly than Dragon's Catma.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is shuttering in December

It's entirely possible you don't remember Dragon's Dogma Online. The game it was based upon, Dragon's Dogma, is a weirdly enduring little game...

After suggesting it’d save Player Studio, Daybreak has quietly shuttered it for EverQuest instead

Back in March, Daybreak appointed a new Producer for its long-running Player Studio program - that's the system that allowed players to...

Farewell, Atlas Reactor: Gamigo has officially sunsetted the first of its Trion MMOs

Just two and and half years after its official launch, Atlas Reactor has officially sunsetted. After buying up Trion's assets and games last...
This was not the worst, but we will buy the bus.

Perfect Ten: The most poorly managed MMO sunsets of all time

MMOs shut down. This is just kind of a reality. It's an unpleasant one, but we also are collectively aware that it happens and...

Amazon Game Studios is apparently suffering layoffs and game cancelations

Next week, we've got a piece coming in which one of my colleagues remarks that Amazon Game Studios' greatest claim to fame right now...

E3 2019: Terraria: Journey’s End will be the game’s final update before entering maintenance mode

It's been a long trip for the 2-D multiplayer side-scrolling exploration title Terraria, and while we don't cover this one particularly closely, the...

ELOA aka Warlords Awakening suffers the indignity of a triple shutdown

Here's a hat trick that no MMORPG ever wants to earn: being closed three times in a row. For Elite Lord of Alliance...

Bless Online’s western version will sunset on September 9

Yesterday, we covered the news that Bless Online was sunsetting in Japan, leading many of us to wonder whether the Steam version...